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I was previously under the assumption that City Center 2 was going to be using the building that Evergreen Grill used to be sitting in, but today I saw a new article in the State News about how an irish pub will be moving in to that location. Apparently, they have everything passed by the city, and begun renovations a while ago. That explains the dumpster sitting next to the building.


  • The Evergreen Grill is that one story old brick building right? Anyways I think they decided to build more up than out on the new Museum Place design and they scaled down the project a little to. I'm glad to see that building stay though, it looks nice and to see a mix of architecture between the Ultra Modern Museum Place and that older brick building will be nice.
  • http://www.statenews.com/article.phtml?pk=37562

    Irish pub to replace downtown restaurant


    The State News

    Noel LaPorte is transforming the former Evergreen Grill into his pot of gold.

    The Lansing-based lobbyist and a business partner are revamping the vacated restaurant into a traditional Irish pub.

    About a month into renovating the property at 327 Abbott Road, LaPorte predicts a pub will flourish in the downtown area, which is already inundated with bars and restaurants.

    "We looked at the site and at the community and felt there was a need for this type of product," LaPorte, 35, said. "These authentic Irish pubs are extremely successful.

    "The pub concept is a proven winner."

    He did not know when the pub might open.

    "It's been an extensive renovation," he said of changing the vacant property into a restaurant and pub with an authentic Irish feel. "We have taken many areas of the building down to the bare walls. We have torn out all the interior booths, and our bar will be hand-carved mahogany."

    A 1,950-square-foot deck expansion is planned for the existing 350-square-foot seating area, allowing for 104 exterior seats.

    Evergreen Grill closed in 2005 because of increased rent and operation prices. It was open for nearly 17 years and was one of the city's few upscale restaurants.

    LaPorte said he researched the success of pubs in other college towns and found they were nearly always hits.

    "One of the reasons a pub is so successful is everyone will feel comfortable there," he said. "We expect to have a lot of professionals from the downtown come over for lunch. If you look at these in other college towns, the crowd is always mixed."

    Although the pub will be open until 2 a.m. and will serve alcohol, it will be classified as a restaurant because at least 50 percent of its revenue is expected to come from food.

    East Lansing Mayor Sam Singh said competition from established food hot spots such as Harper's Restaurant & Brew Pub, 131 Albert Ave., and Beggar's Banquet, 218 Abbott Road, isn't expected to be a problem.

    "From what I understand, it's a typical Irish pub and will have a similar menu to the one that would be found at Claddagh," he said. "That level of an Irish pub in our community … is appropriate. Many of our restaurants close at 2 a.m."

    Claddagh Irish Pub is a restaurant and bar at Eastwood Towne Center in Lansing.

    Diana Horoi, an accounting sophomore and employee at Buffalo Wild Wings, 360 Albert Ave., and Harper's, predicted the pub will face steep competition from other downtown bars.

    Some people living near the pub are concerned about increased foot traffic and noise in the early morning hours, said Ann Nichols, president of the Oakwood Historic Neighborhood Association.

    "I have neighbors who, I believe, are concerned about it," she said. "But I would rather see it used than be an empty storefront."

    Singh said the pub is expected to boost revenue and attract more people into the city.

    "My main concern is that we provide more opportunities for dining in our downtown," he said. "We were disappointed to lose the Evergreen Grill."
  • Many of the last businesses located on the site of City Center II are currently moving out or have already moved out, and the demolition should begin probably by May I would assume. I do not expect construction to begin that fast though, if my predictions are worth any merit, I believe the lot will be used as a surface lot for a while until the project is more concrete.
  • According to Strathmore's updated site, groundbreaking is set for fall of this year and completion for fall of 2009: Michigan Museum Place
  • I sure hope thats accurate. I wonder how the new design has changed.
  • (Scene) MetroSpace has opened up their new location on Charles St next to Georgio's. They have their first exhibit open in time for East Lansing's Art Festival this weekend. This means that City Center 2 has now been cleared of it's last tenant, and they should begin to start to do demo by the end of the summer or mid-summer at best, I would estimate.
  • This is going to be a crazy demolition to watch. It's such a solid building, and it's so close to the road.
  • Please let me know when you hear of the demolition occurring!
  • I just found a new picture from the Strathmore site about the City Center 2 project! It looks pretty expansive, and I am still trying to comprehend how large this development would be. Here is the picture, and I've typed out the legend since it's kind of small.


    A: Multi-use mid rise building with 1 floor of underground parking (10-12 stories)
    B: Retail/Residential low rise building (4 stories)
    C: Elevator lobby for parking garage/retail/restaurant (4 stories)
    D: Parking Garage
    E: Multi-family apartment building (4 story)
    F: Colored elevator walkway
    G: Townhouse
  • So the art studio moves, and then finds out that their new building will be demolished too! Brilliant!

    Seriously though, I thought this was just a one building development. This is huge!

    I wondering if that silouette of the main building gives any hints to changes to its design. Isn't that parking lot next to the Peoples church owned by the Peoples Church?
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