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  • The building that the art studio moved in to isn't being planned for demolition. They moved a couple blocks east to Charles St.
  • Oh, for some reason I thought they had moved into a small building between the monolith and Dublins. There isn't even a building there is there. I don't know what I'm talking about.
  • Very interesting siteplan! It's going to be interesting to see how framed in Valley Court Park is going to be. This is going to be a nice, dense neighborhood. What I miss is how Building A and B was to span Albert Avenue like a skybridge.
  • This is going to be an awsome project. I still wish Lansing could see some more high-profile, high quality developments like this.
  • I'm blown away by the huge facelift that E.L. is getting, it's not going to be recognizable in five years or less.
  • I agree, I just hope the same can be true for Lansing, or at least its Downtown.
  • I'm surprised at the "Retail/Residential low rise building (4 stories)" in the parking lot along Grand River next to the People's Church. I always figured that the church had bought that land from McDonald's in order to have their own parking lot. Is it a city lot?
  • No, that is Peoples Church's lot, but maybe they have worked something out with the city because the site plan shows a parking ramp behind the Peoples Church.
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    I learned more about the City Center II from the City Pulse article that was posted today:
    “We fully expect to be in the site plan review process by this fall,” Jim van Ravensway said.

    Is the museum in or out? “I really want to answer that question, but I can’t yet,” he said coyly.
    “The mayor will be in a position to say something about that shortly.”

    “City Center will move forward later this summer, early fall,” East Lansing mayor Sam Singh said. “The question’s really going to be, is there going to be a strong connection with MSU’s history museum or not?” Singh says talks are going on right now, but even if the museum doesn’t jump Grand River Avenue, there will be a “significant development with housing, restaurants or possibly an anchor tenant to take its place.”

    One way or another, officials said, the project will have a cultural component. A small auditorium, or black box theater, will “definitely” be included, van Ravensway predicted.
  • I like how Van Ravensway uses the northern post-industrial area of Lansing, and Meridian township (the definition of sprawl), to justify the "non-sprawl" sprawl that is the Northern Tier. Grand Ledge and Williamston may have their problems, but as long as Lansing and East Lansing have areas like Michigan Ave, and Grand River between EL and Okemos, where there's vacant land, abundant unused parking lots, and empty buildings, the only excuse for pushing north is that it's easier and cheaper.
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