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Lots of development popping up this week. First it was an expansion at the Heights at Eastwood, which could include up to 500 new housing units, and now this:

LANSING - Developer Scott Gillespie is planning to build a $7 million residential and retail development on East Michigan Avenue, about two blocks from a similar project already under construction.

The four-story Provident Place will feature 33 residential units and 9,500 square feet of retail space on the ground floor, Gillespie announced at a press conference Friday morning.

Two vacant buildings, at 2216 and 2224 East Michigan Ave., will be demolished to make way for the project.

"This is the key area," said Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero. "We call it the 'miracle mile' and it is living up to that nickname... It is going to be spectacular."

The project joins East Town, formerly called East Town Flats, as one of several projects in the corridor that connects downtown Lansing with East Lansing and Michigan State University.

East Town is set for completion this summer. That four-story mixed-use development is also backed by Gillespie.

Anyway, the rents at this one look way more in line with what you'd expected in Lansing.



  • I'm pretty happy with this proposal. I like the design more than East Town and the buildings this replaces are less significant. I think this design makes the most of the relatively low cost materials it uses, it's a hodgepodge look but it works. I'm really liking the direction Gillespie is going in with these developments, I wonder how many other properties on Michigan Ave he owns?

  • Yeah I really like this project too. Actually the way it's designed gives it bigger scale than I think it is which is pretty cool.

    Since this now has brownfield credits I think it still has to go before the city council and planning commission, right? I hope all of the in-fighting at the city council doesn't delay the project. I'm referring to how they still don't have a council president.
  • This design is an improvement, and looks pretty good. It actually looks something like the 3 deck-er row houses in Providence[I see that it is Provident and they are four stories] and all of New England north or Bridgeport. I also like the brick facade on the street side, and that the buildings will be right up to the sidewalk. The color scheme is better too, over all a more urban than sub-urban look.

  • @Jared Yeah, if they're going after tax credits or need a rezoning they'll have to go through the council, I'd be surprised if something like this runs into any resistance.

  • Yeah, even when the council is split on personality, it's rarely ever taken that into developments. The only two that something has happened on was Marketplace and the Saboury development up in Old Town, and of those, the only one that has yet to be resolved is the Saboury development.

    Whatever internal personality conflicts they have, to their credit, they don't let them bleed into other issues, usually. I'd bet this has at least five votes on council already. Only Washington and Wood are generally hardly skeptical of development. The other six will either vote for anything, or at least have natural leans toward developments so long as the developers don't demand too much.

  • Don't know if this has to do with site prep or utility work, but I noticed the parking lot in front of the two existing buildings has been torn up when I passed the site, today. I see nothing on the developers social media yet, but thought I'd report.

  • There is now a barricade closing the sidewalk and it looks like the demolition of the old buildings there has begun.

  • Yeah, that was there when I saw it on the 17th. Got a closer look at it, today, and can see they've cleaned out the buildings and noticed an excavator in the alley so this is definitely site preperation taking place.

  • It's very good to see this moving along on/ahead of schedule. Is it too early to wonder what his next Michigan Ave project will be?

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    It does seems that the strategy is to always announce one plan while you're getting ready to construct one or constructing it, so maybe we'll hear about something in a few months. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to his brother's proposal on Michigan at Larch for the time being.

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