Provident Place - Lansing



  • Yeah, it's funny how the design is to resemble multiple buildings next to each other, but then I notice that most of the buildings would only be one window wide. I wish they would have taken this same concept but only made it look like 3 or 4 buildings in total.

  • I agree it seems like a simplification of the facade would look more authentic and balanced rather than "movie set" feel that the drawings portray. I do like this one better than the colorful developments!

  • Looks like they've accelerated. The stairwell/elevator tower looks nearly completed on this one. About time.

  • This one has a smaller space than The Avenue building, are they building a parking structure?

  • Did a little calculation looking at the lots on the property look-up site. It does seem the Avenue is about 33 feet longer (an extra storefront lot) than Provident Place. Each are 122 feet deep, though. Anyway, because of the slope of the land, here, parking will be in the basement/lower level as well as some surface spots behind the building like what you see at the Avenue.

  • That sounds like a good plan, the Avenue has the old City parking lot behind it so I thought they must be planning something different for this project. It's fun to watch it go up!

  • Drove by today. It looks like half the second floor is up. I was kind of surprised to see that they are using steel, at least for the framing of the first two floors.

  • I noticed the same thing, I even said wow they are using steel! A little further down the street I also noticed the afternoon shadow over E.Michigan Ave cast by The Avenue building, everywhere else on the street had thawed out in the sun but not on that block it was still frozen and icy. I know there is nothing to do about it, I just noted that the street was totally in the shadows at 2 pm.

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