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  • According to the cpix listing the Prudden Tech Center is 133k sq ft total and there's currently 115k sq ft for lease. It looks like they are/were planning solar car ports over the 630 spaces in that lot.
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    LSJ has a story on the Lake Trust property:

    LANSING – A $33 million project that will remake a block of downtown Lansing goes before the Lansing City Council on Monday.

    Called the 500 Block Project, the mixed use development will start with renovation of the vacant Lake Trust Credit Union building at the corner of South Capitol Avenue and Lenawee Street and includes a second, new building at the corner of South Capitol and Hillsdale Street.

    The total proposal includes 160 residential units and nearly 27,000 square feet of office or commercial space, according to a news release.
    The renovation of the former Lake Trust headquarters at 501 S. Capitol Ave. is slated to begin in November, with completion estimated by fall 2021. Construction of the new mixed-use building is slated to begin in September 2020 and be finished in spring 2022.
    The Lake Trust building will be converted into a mixed-use structure with 23,461 square feet of office/commercial space and 44 multifamily apartments on four floors.

    The new building includes 116 residential units and 3,500 square feet of commercial space.
  • It is true that Holmes Street School is located in an area that is cut off by highways rail tracks and the river thus many dead ends. I was just pointing out that if you take the routes that lead out of this area you can find yourself on Michigan Ave, downtown and East Lansing very quickly, this may appeal to potential residents of the Holmes School renovation. I find this neighborhood like many that surround the downtown area, and if you are going to live in a downtown neighborhood you are going to find some poor housing and not so great retail options. I'm not really trying to debate on the Holmes School project, I just think it will be successful despite its location in a somewhat isolated neighborhood. This could lead to the whole neighborhood improving as well, nearby there is some talk of repurposing the BWL site at Hazel and Penn. Ave for housing along with the Wing project.
    I was a bit disappointed to see that they want to develop the Capitol Ave side of the "500" block, first rather than the S.Washington side. The drawings include a parking lot on S. Washington[I hate walking by this hot/cold dirty broken lot] which may be developed if the other buildings are successful. I think that a new building on S. Washington would have a larger impact on the south side of downtown but I am happy to see the area being redeveloped. I hope that the re-hab of the Lake Trust building will be a bit more dramatic than the depiction.
  • Is Urban Systems still a thing? I did not see the name mentioned.
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    A few small projects:

    - The ongoing renovation work on the old Bonnie's Place bar at the northwest corner of Saginaw and Cedar is looking good. They cut out the bare wall on the southside of the building and put in two windows with nice accent frames. Funny how a small change opened up the facade. The building permit for this expries in late-January.

    - The old Golf Hause golf equipment store at the northeast corner of Saginaw and Pennsylvania is coming along nicely, too. I was really impressed that they were able to save this one considering how this kind of site hasn't really survived modern times. The 860 sq ft building - built in 1931 - sits on a tiny lot for a commercial building that's only 29 ft at its longest wdith and 14.4 ft at the back of the lot. I think they are joining it with the lot immediately to the north, but it'd still be a small commercial lot. Anyway, they have taken out the windows as of last week. This site will be a 3,200 sq ft provisioning center; I'm curious to see how they will add onto the existing tiny building. EDIT: Actually, the company that's developing the provisioning center seems to own the two lots immediately to the north and the large vacant parcel adjacent to the east, though there are no building projects listed on that lot.
  • Another site that has work ongoing is on E. Kalamazoo across and up from Art's. It is a small complex of buildings where they are digging up a lot of soil and replacing bricks in the former window frames. The house next door is also being remodeled, but next door to that one is a house that should be vacated and torn down. I see people there when I go to the QD but the place looks inhabitable.

    I am finding this to be a very exciting time to be living in Lansing, right now there are so many new projects underway with more in the planning stage, after waiting for years to see these things get started one almost would not believe it. Add some newly paved streets and it feels like real progress is being made around here.
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    Which buildings are you talking about, specifically? Looking at the city zoning map, there are four different lots across (and up) from Art zoned for industrial use. Three of the four have multiple structures. The two lots closest to the corner (800 and 810) are owned by the same couple and include two buildins apiece on their two lots; 812 is a little garage setback from everything else; and 814 is the largest of the structures on these lots and owned by "Capital City Mint Farm;" it has three different buildings on the lot.

    EDIT: Found out, today, that the constructing going on up at Motor Wheel Lofts is just the construction of the parking lot.
  • The buildings under renovation are at 814 E Kalamazoo.
  • Funny you mention it; I was just by there and saw it was the three-building lot. I wonder what "Capital City Mint Farm" is?
  • Sounds like an MJ growing operation. There is one already in the big old black building at the corner, so maybe it is something different as they might not want to have two MJ growing farms in one block.
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