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  • You are right. I checked the medical marijuana application list ( and 814 E Kalamazoo is, indeed, an growing operation as is 738 E Kalamazoo down the street. 731 E Kalamazoo across the street is also a growing operation as is 821 E Kalamazoo across from 814 E Kalamazoo. These are all conditionally approved, though I'm not sure what that means. Council is rushing through an ordinance that will cap grows at 75, and then as license aren't renewed or are revoked to have them fall to 55.
  • I can often smell marijuana as I drive by on Hosmer. Of course, that does not bother me! I am hoping that when all of these grow operations start producing the prices will fall due to competition. It is actually a medicine that helps a lot of people [that happens to be pleasant to use] so I don't want to see low income and elderly people to be priced out of the legal market.
  • I have noticed there a sidewalk protection scaffold put up around the "Bank of Lansing" building at N. Washington and Michigan Ave again. Is there a renovation going on there? The storefront renovation next door looks nice, I would guess that a law firm is moving in there. Across the street, they finally put up nice new green awnings on the ground floor of the MSUFCU building, [I don't know that building's name]
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    I noticed this the other day, too, so I went and looked it up on the assessor website. It appears they are replacing windows on floors 4-12 & 15. Actually, there are a lot of active or proposed projects listed, which seem to be a general renovation of the property. The 14 floor is being remodeled; there is a "window sash" replacement on that floor, too; and they are upgrading the fire alarm system on the 4th floor.

    BTW, the Eydes of East Lansing own this one.

    EDIT: Just saw that Vanguard Public Affairs, a Lansing-based public affairs and strategic communications firm, announced they were moving to the 14th floor, so this must be what the renovations are for on that floor.
  • That is good news, this building is really beautiful and has a very prominent address which should be full and active. Thanks for the information.
    Has there been a date set for a beginning work first shovel ceremony at the Red Cedar site? It will be good to see this one really get underway.
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    Read the minutes for the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting for September. The frontyard setback and parking space location variance requested for the 55-unit apartment building proposed for Cherry and St. Joseph in Cherry Hill was unanimously approved. This gives the developer the ability to now request tax credits from the state for the low-income units portion of the development.

    BTW, PK Companies out of Okemos is the developer for this one.
  • Well, it looks like the dispensary going up at the notheast corner of Penn and Saginaw (700-708 East Penn) isn't going to reuse the tiny Golf House structure, after all. While driving by, today, I noticed they'd torn down the building and were excavating the foundation.
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    City Pulse has an article on the early results of the performing arts center feasibility study. The consultant they spoke to suggested a main hall capacity of 1,400 and a smaller venue holding around 200 people, he says these are conservative numbers. They are also planning space for the Lansing Art Gallery. This would make for a building of about 120k sq ft of which 80k would be usable, cost is estimated at $40-$60 million.,13429?

    I'm thinking the best possible location for this would probably be on the half of the Lake Trust block that faces Washington. Any thoughts on other possible locations? I feel like the Stadium District is already saturated with entertainment options, it'd be nice to spread things out a little.
  • The Washington Ave side of the Lake Trust block would be a great place to build a PAC. I would like to see that dead space filled with beautiful buildings as it seems like they are going to develop the Capitol Ave. side first. Grand Avenue would also be a good spot, maybe the vacant LSJ site or the old Michigan/Strand theater using the parts of the structure that are still there. I agree that a PAC built in an area other than the Studium District would be more beneficial to the city by enlivening another district.
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    I would agree that a Grand Ave site, and the old Michigan Theater in particular, would be just about as good as the Lake Trust site. I vaguely remember in a previous article about the PAC them mentioning that several developers were interested in a venue like that, around the same time Gentilozzi was rumoured to be proposing something for the old Michigan Theater building. I'd bet what he was proposing involved a venue on the site of the old theater, if the old arcade were put back to retail and dining it could really make for a great venue.

    It'll be interesting to see how this plays out, it's sounding like it may actually happen though.
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