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  • Just when you think there is a part town that may never be redeveloped they have been coming in with plans for a spot like this! What a good sign for Lansing. Now we need to repave the bridge and road there, the street has one the worst road surfaces in Lansing and that is saying something.
  • Updates:

    * The City Council approved the brownfield plan for the Lake Trust property downtown.
    Brownfield eligible activity includes the redevelopment of the former Lake Trust building on Capitol Avenue into 23,461 square feet of finished office/commercial space and four floors of new residential with an estimated 44 multifamily apartments and a new mixed-use building along South Capitol Avenue with an estimated 116 multifamily residential apartments and approximately 3,500 square feet commercial space.

    Renovation beginning with asbestos abatement and demolition is anticipated to commence in early 2020 with completion of full renovation by fall 2021. Construction of the new mixed-use building is expected to begin by September 2020 and be completed in spring 2022.

    * The City Council approved the brownfield plan for the Temple building in Old Town.
    The mixed-use redevelopment project proposed by Lansing-based Michigan Community Capital will include new first floor retail and office space, along with 31 new residential units to complement the Old Town neighborhood’s existing diverse mix of eclectic shops and rich culture. In addition, the project will include 51 new parking spaces created by an attached 2-story parking structure.
    Dependent on additional review and approvals, including the Michigan Strategic Fund, construction of the project is anticipated to begin in spring 2020, with completion in late 2021.
  • I was wondering about the Delux Motor Inn site, I thought they were going to address that site as well. It is going to be great to see the new development going up on the Lake Trust Block.
  • There are some great photos of all the billions of dollars worth of developments currently being constructed in the Greater Lansing area on the website. It was pointed out that that $ 3.5 billion dollars, is an amazing number for a city our size. I agree and think it is very cool to be here and witness Lansing becoming a true 21st Century city.
  • gbd - I expect beyond just the size of the Greater Lansing area, from a development perspective it helps that the GLA checks a lot of boxes in terms of having large insurance, government, health care and educational institutions. Plus being a capitol city doesn't hurt either!
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    I'd brought this up months ago, but it looks like it was announced, today:

    The shuttered Lansing elementary school that Malcolm X once attended could be redeveloped
    LANSING — Developers have announced plans for a project at the site of a shuttered elementary school that civil rights leader Malcolm X once attended.

    The Lansing-based company Ferguson Development has plans for a medical office facility at the southside property in addition to a one-story community building with retail and residential space.

    The site at the corner of Pleasant Grove and Holmes roads was once home to the Pleasant Grove Elementary School, which has since closed.

    I can't tell, but it looks like they plan to demolish the portion of the school on the corner and simply save the low-rise portion? Way too suburban of a site plan for my taste in any case.

    EDIT: Okay, so the LSJ and Lansing City Pulse (initially) did seem to miss that the school is going to be torn down. Really kind of a shame that we're tearing down something that fills the corner and again replacing it with a site plan that includes parking lots on both street frontages. There is not enough urban design down that way as their is, so you're going to erase it?
    Kind of hope this one doesn't actually happen.
  • I noticed a couple of new features of our skyline while driving around. It was the first time I noticed a shadow cast across Michigan Ave. at the 600 Block building site. I know that shadows are long at this time of the year, the shadow cast across the whole street and unto the buildings across the street. One thought is that this block has two sides up to the sidewalks now and looks more urban and occupied, the other is the shadow will take a little getting used to. It will be very nice to shop there. Another feature I noticed perhaps others already have noted, there is a new[?] flagpole with a large American flag flying over the old Bank of Lansing Building [I don't know what it's called now] at the corner of Michigan and N. Washington. It looked good on the bright sunny day. Maybe this is an indication of this building getting greater use.
    I am a little disappointed to read in the City Pulse that the building being renovated at Hazel and Hosmer is going to be an MJ grow house facility. I hope they are not planning to brick up all the windows. I was hoping to see them build some housing in this building and I thought there was an announcement of a Tesla parts company going in there. That might have provided more human activity. An enclosed grow house is not going to offer much to that neighborhood.
  • Regarding the development at Pleasant Grove and Holmes, I agree that it is really disappointing to see that the school will be tore down. It has a small footprint and doesn't seem in terrible shape, I don't know why they don't save it. I'm not sure a building like the one proposed is really going to have much of a positive effect on the look and feel of the area.
  • I was trying to imagine if it was up to me :} what could be a nice little urban village four corners there. With buildings up to the sidewalks and parking behind. This developer never really considers "urban design" in his developments. Capitol Commons is the opposite of urban, that was one of his first. Of course, it is good to see that this part of the town is being "improved" in any way.
  • has an article about the Lake Trust Bank building a new branch in the 600 block of Capitol Ave.[?]at the corner of St. Joe and S Washington Ave. I think it meant the 600 block of S Washington Ave. anyway, it is going to be nice to see a new building on this corner. Seems like I remember there was an American Bank and Trust branch with drive thru-teller windows on that corner in the old days.
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