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  • There is some sort of structure being built on top of the Arbaugh building, maybe another penthouse?
  • Possibly for an elevator. Last I knew they had no passenger elevator in that building, just a freight elevator that's only unlocked certain hours. Kind of ridiculous for the people who live on the upper floors.
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    You got it, Hood. City records showing them adding an elevator. The permit expires in April. So it's another elevator tower.

    Oh, and GB, we were both right about what's going on at the old Rum Runners bar at the northwest corner of Michigan and Larch. It's going to be additional living space for the upper-floor apartment/condo + and outdoor deck for their use. The permit on this one is out until June.
  • Thanks for the info. That is interesting that a multi-story residential/office building would not have a full-time elevator. I guess it was all escalators in that store. I remember Knapp's had both and in the ye olde days Knapp's had an elevator operator who would announce the departments on each floor as you came to them. I guess we went to Knapp's more than Arbaugh's I can remember Knapp's much better.
    I think it would be a pretty cool apartment up there, it may be high enough to have a good view and be above the street noise a bit.

    I have noticed the 600 Block filling spaces of the skyline in certain areas like when turning down Hosmer to the south. It is a big building! On Hosmer, the BWL was installing underground cables to the new MJ grow house on Kalamazoo by that nicely kept R.R track I wonder who keeps up that space, there is even a little flag pole with a fresh flag flying, and down the street, they have been installing a new roof on the MJ grow house at the "Wing" building. That build seems to be about ten times bigger than the complex of small buildings on Kalamazoo, the BWL is going to be selling a lot of power to these facilities. The "Wing" building seems like a good place to install solar panels on the roof. I am hoping that soon they will be able to go MJ outside under the sun!

    They were doing some sort of excavation yesterday in front of the newly vacated office building on the 600 blocks of S Washington. Is that building part of the Lake Trust development on that corner?
  • @gbinlansing There was an elevator in that building, it was "out of order" for at least a few years, then several years ago they removed the old shaft. I think a new elevator shaft has been sort of in progress since then. I can only assume that building is horribly managed.
  • The folks in that building must be in good shape after climbing stairs for so long! My building is circa 1964 and the elevators due go out from time to time, but the management always calls for repairs right away.
  • The penthouse on the "Rum Runners" building at Michigan and Larch is looking kind of cool. There will be a lot of windows and an interesting roofline up there, what a great apartment that will be.
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    With the election of a new councilmember a few months ago, it looks like the Form-Based Code (FBC) - a new zoning code for the city which would encourage more urban-focused development - will actually get to council this year and has a better chance of passing. Due to pass the council at the end of the 2017, the elections that year brought in a council that was opposed to is.

    The FBC is to go before the Planning Board next Tuesday, after which it goes through the council committee process. Hopefully, the Planning Board takes action after their public hearing on the issue next week. In which case, this whole process could be done in a few months.
  • Reported on this back in September, but it looks like the Michigan Realtors association on the 700 block of North Washington across from Durant Park continue to move forward on the redevelopment of their site. They are seeking a brownfield designation to deal with some public infrastructure around the site they will replace.

    A reminder: They plan to tear down the buildings at 700 and 724, and redevelop the entire site into a 19,500 sq ft, 3-story office building with a rooftop deck with 72 parking spaces. Looks like the building will stretch from Saginaw to just past were the current curb-cut exists.

    I guess there will be significant street-scaping all the way up to Madison. Renderings start on page 30:
  • I like this, it will be nice to have something attractive on that corner and getting streetscaping will be a big plus. I like the overall design and if the quality is good, in particular if those upper floors are some sort of stone or even a nice tile, it will make for a very good looking small building.
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