Block600 (600 East Michigan)



  • Thank you for that information, I would guess that they could not make the law retroactive but I think they should because it would be the older metal tanks that would be most likely to fail. I bet that there are at least five or six properties from M.X. to Mt Hope on S.Washington that have tanks still buried under the pavement. To think about that for a minute there was at one time eight or more gas stations on that stretch, now there is only one. I guess owners could make money selling gasoline in those days, today they make most profits on the convenience stores items most stations sell.

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    The first link I posted (to Act 451) talks about existing tanks. Any tank installed after 1974 has to be registered and then a property owner has to monitor it and such. Might take awhile to read through it, but it's not a long act, and the other link I posted has a lot of information. The whole second division of the Act (PART 213 LEAKING UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANKS (324.21301...324.21334)) has to do with leaking tanks, and the third division of the Act (PART 215 UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANK CORRECTIVE ACTION FUNDING (324.21501...324.21563)) has to do with the funding to help remove them.

    Anyway, found this for the Committee of Public Services meeting for July 8 concerning the underground footings for this one. The last page contains a very detailed site plan:

    It shows covering materials for the lot (brick pavings, concrete, asphalt, etc.) and also marks which parking is for the hotel, retail and residential uses.

  • I noticed that foundation construction is well underway. Looks like a good portion of the footings along the Michigan Avenue frontage have been poured.

  • A twitter posting showing the construction. You can kind of make-out the foundation footings on the Michigan Avenue side; wish this would have been taken in the morning:

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    One of the stairway elevator towers is rising on the hotel portion on the eastern half of the site. Was surprised how quickly these things seem to rise.

  • This is going quickly. All the stairway/elevator towers look topped out, and walls are already going up. The first floor is quite tall, which I knew it would be for the Meijer, but it's still something to see it.

  • I saw the high back wall, it totally blocks the view of the auto service shop. This building will stand out as it will be on a slightly higher ground than the 500 block plus the higher story for the Meijer store will add to building looking taller. Filling in that space it going to look really great. I think there has been a gas station on the corner since the '50s. I believe we talked here about developing the front lots of the baseball stadium, maybe that idea will catch on with a successful development across the street and fill a big break in the line of buildings along Michigan Ave.

  • Another update from the Gillespie Group's twitter:

  • Cool picture! What a nice day! This project is going to fill up the skyline here. Have they had anything to say about what they plan to do with Clara's? The longer it sits there empty people are just going to forget about it. It could be a lot of different things maybe even a train station.

  • No news on the old train station.

    First steel is being put up today on Block600. They did say that once they started construction that it would go really fast because Meijer wants to get in as soon as possible.

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