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    This is going to be so great. I am sure that Gillespie is just waiting for the first rent checks to come through from Block600 before he will start working on Claras. Banks will probably only finance one project at a time to limit risk.

    I'm not sure who owns the parking lot between Claras and Shiawassee Street, but it would be great if as part of the Claras redevelopment, more rowhouses would be built along Pere Marquette in the same fashion as the ones at Pere Marquette and Shiawassee Street. I noticed on Google Streetview that Gillespie also owns property on the west side of Pere Marquette. It would be nice if there were more developers that could put together competing ideas and build projects simultaneously.

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    The parking lot behind Clare's back parking lot is owned by the office building across the street at 119 Pere Marquette, which they use for the tenants:

    The vacant land immediately to the north of that is one that I'd posted about on here some years ago where a developer proposed a 4-story apartment building. I believe he requested a special land use permit for the future project (which was granted, I think), but nothing has started on it.

    As far as I can tell, the Gillespie's don't own anything on Pere Marquette save the train station, though they do own property a block over on the eastside of Larch.

  • The Gillespie sign I saw is at 237 Pere Marquette on Streetview,

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    Well, well, well. Right you are. The name for the company attached to it through me off (a shell LLC). And then Gillespie Group does have it on their website, too. City records show it as an 8,000-sq-ft warehouse building (built in 1900) on a bit over a half-acre of land.

    They are marketing this as:

    Possible office, urban warehouse or industrial, retail, or mixed-use building in the heart of the Stadium District.

    The weird thing to me is that this entire street is still zoned industrial, despite that not having been the use of almost any of these properties for decades. So everything is operating under special land use permits. It always makes me wonder why they don't simply request rezonings, but I've always assumed zoning must be a more difficult process or otherwise property owners would do it more often.

  • The new urban sized Meijer looks like it it going to be quite a bit larger than the new E.L. urban sized Target, another site that is going up fast and is worth a drive by to check out the impressive progress being made. It is not a high rise but it is going to be a great building filling in a big space in our low rise skyline.

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    Yep, the Target is around 23,000 sq ft and Meijer will be around 37,000 sq ft. I drove by the Target this morning; it's still looked as busy as it was the first time I saw it. I bet the Meijer market will be quite successful.

  • I am very much looking forward to shopping here, it is a new development that I will be able to visit like The Landmark Building in E.L... I enjoying shopping here at the Target store, it is very easy to find just what you are looking for without having to cross the "acres" at the big box stores. There some nice people working at S Holmes Kroger but I will not miss going to that store it seems to be a magnet for "crazy people"! Why people have to work out their issues at the supermarket is something I don't understand. I just duck and get the hell out of there quite often.

  • I see the framing for the second floor on the apartment side started either this weekend or today.
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