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    Whatever the weird cancellations and special meetings and then cancelleations again, it appears that this one is up for its final approval before council next Monday. I guess I'm mildly interested to see whether D&P recommend approval or rejection, though I don't really care.

    The brownfield plan and the special land use (planned residential development) will be up for approval. For the public, the brownfield plan includes $500,000 for public improvements which the city has said will be done at the corner of Dunckel and Collins, I believe. The special land use was to allow for a planned residential development (i.e. more than one residential building on a single parcel).

    This will keep with their December groundbreaking schedule.

  • I got curious about the status of this one, again. It does appear D&P did recommend approval at their meeting October 1, and then the full council passed both the brownfield plan and special land use permit at their meeting on October 5.

    Went and look this one up with the property look-up tool on the city website, and it appears that they filed a plan review application with the city building department November 2. The new piece of information we learn is that the architect will be Phillips Partnership out of Atlanta, and the construction manager will be Wieland, one of the big local names out of south Lansing.

    I'm looking for a media update on this one to see if they still plan to break ground this month. I'm very rarely ever down that way on that side of the freeway. It's completely possible they may have already started site prepping this one; I have no idea.

  • I have been by that way and the old motel was still standing as of last week. It is interesting to see this easternmost strip of Lansing being developed. I am hoping they plan to improve the roads and access to the area. Also, I hope the MSU will not give up any land for a new court/jail out there. The farms and fields there are very unique to find in the middle of a metropolitan and should not be thought of as potential development sites. I could think of at least ten better places for a new County Court Building.

  • I checked out the Phillips Partnership web site. There are some really nice designs and some really average designs. It looks like those false rooftops features are everywhere, I really dislike those, I just think why? I guess we will get what the developer wants to pay for. I'm hoping for something nice like the new building on Willow Street.

  • I would also not like the court/jail to be in this area. There are numerous other places to redevelop prior to this site.

  • I was out to the PO and noticed some equipment and digging going on at this site today. I am hoping that means the beginning of this project. Up the street the new hospital site is really moving a long. The site seems huge. Big piles of dirt so far!

  • Thanks for the update. I don't see any permits pulled for this one quite yet, but I bet this is site prep at the very least.

  • Maybe I am getting ahead of things there. It could have been locating utilities or something like that, they were digging by the front drive. This was kind of a nice motel back in the '70s [I know a long time ago] I wonder what happened over there?

  • @gbdinlansing The hotel changed brands a couple times and closed, I remember it being a Clarion, I think it may have changed once more before it closed. Since then there were two proposals for the hotel building. Going from memory, the first one was a proposal for condos for part-time residents, with the idea that they'd rent them out as hotel rooms when the owner wasn't there. Later on there was a student housing proposal but nothing came of that either.

  • No pics, but I noticed when I drove by tonight that work has started on this project. Still activity onsite at 6:30pm so that's a good sign. There's a Weiland trailer out front along Dunckel. The east side of the property seems VERY open now between LAFCU and Lothamer Tax on the corner. Looks like it's mainly site work at this point, nothing too spectacular, but it's nice to see the start of improvements in this area.

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