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    Thanks for this one. I was kind of worrying that this wasn't going to happen as I'd seen so little progress on the site. In fact, last time I was down there the buildings were still up and nothing had changed. But I'm not over there that often, anymore. The developer's website also has a Lansing location on their project map, but no actual page for the project. I'd also been checking Wieland's social media, and never saw a mention of this one. So I'm glad to hear this is happening.

    Well, well, well. And just like that, building permits pop up on the property look-up tool on the city website. Four different building permits - I assume one for each building - were filed on the Monday, and a demolition permit was filed Wednesday!

    Looks like E.T. Mackenzie Co. out of Grand Ledge is doing the demolition.

  • I was also out to the PO and noticed the work going on. To me this project symbolizes what happened in the past, people leaving, the recession businesses going down, a huge motel like this left to become an eyesore, now being transformed into new Lansing. Lansing today is a growing city with new hotels and housing, new businesses opening. When this project and the new hospital go up the southern gateway to Lansing is going to be impressive.

  • Most of the hotel has been demolished and cleared away for over a week. The octagon part has been left untouched and cleanly cut from what was razed, I'm beginning to wonder if they'll keep that part as a club house or something. I could see it making sense for them if they could work it into their site plan.
  • A site plan(ish) is back on page one. I'm not sure where the octagon is on the site, so I couldn't tell you, but I don't see one in the site plan.

  • The octagon is the corner of the old hotel where the two wings come together, it housed the lobby and maybe the pool. If it's still there in a week or two I'll be more confident they're reusing it somehow.
  • That was the only "cool part" of the motel and helped create a higher class looking motel. My little brother Sexton Class of '75 had his graduation party there. The Atrium had the front desk and small rental function rooms along the back of and down some stairs from the desk space. I do not remember where the pool was but it was not inside of the octagon-shaped structure. The building is a nice architectural feature, it will be interesting to see if they repropose it. It could still be standing because it may be a more difficult section to tear down?

  • It could very well be that the octagon section just needs more care in it's demolition. I agree that it really did make the hotel stand out though, it will be interesting if they end up reusing it.
  • Drive past it this evening, the octagon portion was torn down. None of the old hotel appears to be standing.
  • On my drive, I noticed the [one of the?] elevator structure had been built and also that this is a huge site. I hope they do it well.

  • I believe this is tweet shows one of the buildings:

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