Volaris Lansing



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    Gb, I noticed what you've noticed. These have peaked roofs, so the design must have changed:

  • I am so happy to see this detail from some reason:}!
  • I was on a building site tour[I'm retired so I have the time!}: on my way to the Post Office and was very impressed with the progress here. The buildings are tall and densely situated on the Collins Road side of the development. I believe the buildings are going to have a sort of "Northern Lodge" look to them. This is a nice change from some of the other developments that have a "2007" look about them.
  • There has apparently been a website out for the project, but I'm just now finding it. It seems that the renderings they have for the exterior are old?
  • I may have not seen the whole project, but the buildings that front the road do not really look like these drawings. The buildings on Collins look more "lodge-like" with pitched rooflines, I will have to get out that way to take another look.
  • I was out to the Post Office and took a look at this project. The separate groups of buildings have different roofs and siding treatments. Some on Collins have pitched roofs and the buildings farther back have the flat roofs as pictured here. The brickwork goes up two stories and looks good. A lot of people are going to be living out there, I hope they are planning on fixing the roads there are some huge potholes on Collins Rd. so be careful if you go out there. The new hospital has some of the glass facade installed along with some areas clad in large charcoal-colored masonry[?] tiles. It is going to be a nice looking building at the city's southern gate.
  • I would pick the MSU farm field view if I were moving in out there. It looks good, still, a lot of blacktop included. It would be nice to see a big suburban housing development that perhaps included a central community parking structure or "green parking areas" that would allow the areas around the human's apartments to be green space. The residents would just have a short stroll through gardens or lawns from the parking area to their buildings. There could be unloading spaces near each building but it would be great to look out on a green space rather than blacktop, that's my brainstorm for today!
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