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  • The River Caddis company has done some big client's projects, that would be a great thing if they were to build in downtown EL. The design looks very contemporary, the Convexity design has a look that could have been from any time in the last 30 years. It is not bad but lacks imagination. I would like to see a design that is unique, so if there was a picture of the new skyline of EL one could immediately say that it was East Lansing by this building. It would be nice to have a design that went that extra mile to be beautiful and unique.
  • After reading ELi's story on the two proposals and better understanding each of them, I'm more in favor of the Caddis proposal than I already was, with the caveat of making sure financing is doable and that River Caddis fully intends to build the project as proposed. As part of the Convexity proposal they would no longer build their proposed six-floor building near Valley Court park, they would instead give that land to the City to expand the park (I'm not a fan of this trade-off). They would also turn part of Evergreen into a pedestrian plaza, I don't like seeing streets cut off, it never seems to work as intended so even if the Convexity proposal wins I would strongly prefer to see Evergreen remain a street. But if the choice is between seeing another large student apartment building that mimics the building next door or a mixed-use office building with an interesting design, and you get a bonus six-floor apartment building across the street, I'm going to choose the latter.

    Once again, the big caveat for me is the city making sure that, if approved, the Caddis proposal won't hang in limbo for years. I know it won't move as quickly as the Convexity proposal, and that's fine, it just wouldn't be worth it if it drags out too long.
  • Convexity has withdrawn their proposal for the project according to East Lansing Info. This leaves River Caddis as the only proposal. I liked the River Caddis poposal more since it will add more diversity to the architecture downtown though with the coronavirus and possible recession ahead I'm wondering if the project will get scaled down a lot.
  • It is my hope that when this co19 ends, and it will, that things will get rolling fairly quickly and this project and the other projects around town will be built. I know that many folks here have been seeing signs similar to '08 when there were some grand plans for buildings in Lansing that never happened. I like to remember that when President Obama and the Dems took over from Bush they turned the whole economy around saved the auto industry and passed a stimulus package that ended up taking the US out of recession. We are in a somewhat better place today because of those measures than we were in '08. I hope that come January we will start our country and city on a new and better path when we again will have cleaned up the huge mess the repubs left us. Now we just have to make it until January!
    I really like the office building design and I think it will add a unique feature to the EL skyline.
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