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I remember a few years back there were 4 proposals to revamp the city hall building in to a hotel. Has anyone heard anything new about this or, is this just another Idea that got flushed? The last update that i found was from 2017. Since then, any details if any, have been hard to find. If anyone knows more than i do, fill me in! I was excited about the tallest rendering "Westin Hotel" ...Thank you.


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    To this point, the proposal documents listed are all ive heard.
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    My opinion hasn't changed; I not interested in the city being moved out of the existing building. I'd like to see them renovate it. Let someone building a hotel at the corner of Michigan and Grand or Walnut and Allegan if they want a view. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I got the feeling that this pretty much died when Virg left office without a deal signed. It seemed it was something he was pushing for hard and Mayor Andy hasn't made it a priority. Now with Covid this is really dead considering governments are strapped for cash and building a new City Hall will create an out-of-touch perception.
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