Lansing Performing Arts Center



  • I have no idea why the city has been so conservative with investments in the city

    City leadership is elected by residents of Lansing. To be honest, a lot of people here have a terrible outlook regarding almost anything new. And you hear it from young progressives just as much as the old curmudgeons. If you want to be reelected, you're probably better off spending $60 million paving a few roads than on a state of the art performing arts center that could revitalize a hurting downtown.

    I kind of get it. I was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed transplant a decade ago, but I'm already getting burnt out on the glacial pace of change around here. I can't imagine my attitude in 20 years.
  • @lansplant Yeah, I just don't even know what to say about it anymore. It's been painful to see just enough positive things happening to give real hope for Lansing's future yet never turning the corner so to speak. I will say, with all the new industrial developments (continued GM investments, new battery plant, massive dairy plant, Amazon and Meijer warehouses, etc...), a serious change in EL development patterns with all the high rises, significant and continued investment at MSU, the Stadium District starting to fill out, the new mixed use projects along the Michigan Ave corridor along with the few developments in downtown proper; I have to think that better things, and that elusive "critical mass", must be on the horizon. Things like this performing arts center in its proposed form and the impending city hall fiasco detract from my otherwise brightening hope for the future of this city.
  • I would say that there are a lot of features we have here in Lansing that will guarantee continued progress. I do wish for a more thoughtful approach to public and private projects. Andy just does not seem to have a great imagination about these things. The same money can be spent on better planned[beautiful!] projects that would have more positive impact on the surrounding neighborhoods. I think of the playground installed in our most formal urban park; it is a nice [expensive] playground however I have noticed kids playing on it about twice. Even small things like that are so disappointing in my mind. But a lot of projects are happening in places I never thought I would see, and maybe will see some better plans ahead. I know that if I had spent my whole life in Lansing, I may feel differently but having lived elsewhere for over 35 years and moving back to my hometown I find that it is a pretty unique and even beautiful place, we have a lot going for us!
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