The Hamptons of Meridian

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A 47,000 sq ft mixed-use development on 3.1 acres at the corner of Hagadorn and Mt. Hope. There is two buildings, with ground-floor office, and 24 apartment units above. Both buildings should be about 3-4 stories tall.


  • I love how they just HAD to name it "The Hamptons." I should be able to provide somewhat frequent updates on this development since I'll be passing by it anytime I drive between EL and I-96.
  • It's proper name is "The Hamptons of Meridian". They already have the foundation poured and curbs in for the parking lot. The buildings should start to rise soon.
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    Who's the developer, architect, any website...? BTW, this must be built right at the edge of the start of MSU's experimental farms. I've always liked how the farms create a barrier to sprawl, and I hope it stays that way.
  • DTN is the developer, and I know KEBS has done some work for it. Also, I believe Callaway Design, Inc. did the design. There is a rendering on site but I haven't been able to find one online.
  • Here is the rendering that is on site:
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    It looks like there is an entrance in the middle of the building on the rendering, but as they have been doing all the site work, it appears that the entrances to the parking will be at the corners.
  • They have laid the foundation for one of the buildings, but the construction has appeared to slow down a great bit, as there are no large machines on site as of Friday.
  • Can anybody think of the reason that there would still be no upward growth of the buildings? There is just the cement foundations, and it looks like they are getting ready to lay some asphalt for a first layer of the parking lot.
  • There is now steel going up on the site, on the building facing Mt. Hope.
  • Yeah, I went by the site today on my way to work and saw the steel starting to come up. They had the back half of the first floor and a cross section on one or two of the beams (i'm not sure of the name, but it was from the front to the back of the building).
  • The steel has started to go up on the second building, while the first building appears to have all the steel done for the first floor. Some wooden staircases have been built that go up to the second floor on the first building.
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