The Hamptons of Meridian



  • Turner + Callaway is the architect, Todd Callaway is the designer. Todd has designed most of the loft projects in town including the motorwheel lofts, the hollister lofts, gillespie's lofts and he did the blue coyote, clark hill and even the Harley dealer in town. He is working with Kris Elliott doing a loft project in grand rapids as well. Hamptons should be a nice mixed use development and the detailing is spot on, colors are iffy.
  • Welcome to the forum blakerevo. Thanks for the information.
  • cool site, you guys are really into the happenings of Lansing. More power to you and get shots of some of thew buildings in town!
  • make that "great" shots...been a long day and my typing skills are marginal right now.
  • "He is working with Kris Elliott doing a loft project in grand rapids as well."

    I live in GR, do you happen to know what project he is working on here?
  • 333 commerce rd. near downtown.
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    There really needs to be a recent picture or two of this here on the site. I'd maybe even say a project page despite how late into the project it is as I'm writing this. While its kind of funny looking being near the farmland and stuff, I will say that it looks nice and even has a little clock tower too.
  • Well the picture from capitalgainsmedia is a little old. The clock tower is now finished and the outside of all the buildings looks complete. There is a little pond in the back of the buildings with a wooden bridge over it. My camera is currently broke otherwise I would have taken the picture by now since I go by there daily.
  • This is done now. It turned out nice. It would have been really nice if they could have buried the electrical running north and south along Hagadorn, but Im sure that wouldnt have been cheap.

    There is a salon on the east side of the Mt. Hope building, but not much else appears to be going on commercially.
  • Is it just me or did this seem like an odd location for mixed-use townhomes? It's practically in the middle of nowhere...
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