Capital Region International Airport



  • Lansing's airport is getting direct flights to NY and D.C. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays! This could be really good for the airport. We'll have direct flights to some good places.
  • Good news, indeed. Capital Region International has been struggling, mightily, as far as commercial passengers are concerned. Hopefully, this is the kick in the pants that CRI needs, and maybe this might make the carrier offering international service to Ireland less skitish about the service's potential.
  • I hope that they can manage to get a new terminal built. The original 2013 date is seeming pretty unrealistic right now, but thats what the airport really needs before it can have any chance of standing up to the competition.
  • Yeah, between the renovations and new construction at Ford (Grand Rapids) and Bishop (Flint) International, we've definitely being left behind, and I'm really beginning to wonder if it's too late. I'd also hope that if we didn't think we could concentrate on the passenger front, that we'd do even more than we're already doing (and we're doing, alot) to land some more major freight operations. The reality seems to be that there are simply too many airports too close to each other, really. Lansing being in the center of the state, really such have been a minor hub, but, instead, Ford and Bishop have overshadowed us.
  • Just a heads up, my parents who had booked a flight through the new Azul Air service between Lansing and Newark received a letter that Azul has cancelled all flights. Bad news for Lansing Int'l.....
  • It looks like Air Azul is changing their name, and as such is delaying their launch nationwide for one month. They hope to launch with fares as low as 9$. Hopefully their next launch will be better than this one.
  • Air Azul has changed their name to JetAmerica and is now looking to base their operations out of Lansing instead of Newark, NJ. They will also add nonstop flights to Melbourne, Fl (outside of Orlando). When asked why to switch from Newark to Lansing, they said it's because Lansing wanted them more.
  • I'll have to wait and see before passing judgment on this, but it sounds promising.
  • I'm glad the folks at CapInt wanted it more. Though, I must say I like the old name a lot better. JetAmerica sounds so generic. Anyway, potentially good news.
  • I guess there is a naming conflict with an airline in Brazil, that's why they changed their name.
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