Lansing Gateway (formerly Kalamazoo Gateway)



  • I talked to someone at the EDC and they said that the project IS expected to happen but the timeline is unknown. They said there is still a chance it could break ground this year, but thats doubtful. He said that it will most likely break ground sometime next year, with an emphasis on "sometime."
  • I was under the impression that this had been put on hold because Mr. Townsend was still having difficulty in working out a purchase of the cab company, next door.
  • I don't beleive that is the issue. What I had heard was that he wanted to get going on Ottawa @ Butler, then once that got on track, he would get going on this. The impression that I got was that everything is basically in place for the project to move forward.
  • The problem with that theory is that Townsend was going full steam ahead in terms of getting all of the credits and such for the Gateway and then out of nowhere pulled it from the agenda. Nothing changed with the status and process of the ownership of the land at Ottawa and Butler that would hint at why he'd pull back at Gateway.
  • If the cab company is holding out the city could use eminent domain, since their property is wanted for the new city lot, not the development itself. I doubt that will happen though, it would be horrible PR.
  • Yes, there are very few cases where I could imagine that a city like Lansing would ever want to attempt ED. ED is usually attempt by much larger cities with the legal staff and money to wear down property owners.
  • I've never read a thing about a correlation between eminent domain applications and city size.

    I would think the City would avoid an eminent domain proceeding based on:
    1. recent Michigan case law that curtails governments powers in taking property,
    2. anticipation of a negative public response, particularly in light of the general disdain for eminent domain powers that came to light after the Supreme Court's Kelo v. New London decision in 2005.
  • PS. Maybe Mr. Townsend is making a rational decision to hold off in light of the state of the economy?
  • You might be right reversiblehatt, but I still hope that it is only on hold for 6mos-1year. A development with some residents on the southern side would really balance things out and show growth radiating out instead of just going north from Mich Ave.

    Also, having something like this would make the area a little nicer/more welcoming and would support things like that rental boat/kyak/barbeque business that is hopefully opening up in that area in the next month. I was at common ground tonight (packed in spite of earlier rains!) and that boat rental business would have made some money...there were alot of boats on the river next to the park listening to the music (for free). Although that business is far enough south they would have only benefitted if they advertise market effectively so people know it's down there.
  • Reverse, you may have never heard about city size as it relates to eminent domain, but doesn't it make sense? Eminent domain is expensive. I'm not making the argument that city size is the main issue when it comes to eminent domain, but it does become an issue the smaller the city in question gets.
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