Lansing Gateway (formerly Kalamazoo Gateway)

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Kalamazoo Gateway is a four-story to-be-LEED-certified mixed-use development with 10 condominiums, 33 apartments and 13,800 square feet of commercial space. A total of about 60,000 square feet.

This is being developed by Gene Townsend of the Lenawee Co., and most recently Printers Row. Estimated completion is summer 2009.


  • Where? Kalamazoo and? Linky?
  • The block between Cedar and Larch, across the street from Wendy's.
  • I like that it will have underground parking for the residences, though, I'm a bit disappointed that with both this one and the Stadium District, the city isn't going to build a parking garage for the block, which would cut down on the need for both the surface parking lots that will serve the Stadium District and Kalamazoo Gateway. One small parking garage at that site (3 to 4 levels) would serve the entire site, and still leave open spots to be developed.
  • They need a relatively large parking garage for this area, something at least 600 spaces for both the new developments and Olds Park, and also for future developments.
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    I'd much rather see them build a few smaller ones. A parking garage on this side of the river of the size you mention would lord over everything in this district, which would be completely out of context in this area.
  • There are not enough spots to build a few 2-3 floor ramps while still having enough spaces to meet current and future need. There are really only a few decent places to build on, the land behind Clara's up to those condos, the land across Shiwassee parallelling the train tracks, and the properties behind the Kalamazoo Gateway, and the lot behind Stadium District. Besides those lots are large enough to have at least a 400 space ramp be only 3-5 floors high, even with ground floor retail, I think 3-5 parking ramp floors is an accceptable height for this area.
  • A forumer over on UP posted this link: Kalamazoo Gateway

    A City Pulse story on this development:
    City’s third development shot reaches the green
  • The website is up for the project now:
  • Pictures of the plans (borrowed from the website):




  • I'm really not a big fan of the curve at Kazoo and Cedar, but that really is nothing to me. It'll be great to see this parking lot gone.
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