Lansing Gateway (formerly Kalamazoo Gateway)



  • If you put it that way, yes, it makes sense. Thanks for clarifying your point.
  • I haven't heard anything about the Kalamazoo Gateway lately. Although there have been a empty lot for a long time off of West Kalmazoo and Martin Luther King Blvd. There seem to be a construction plan there (advertise by somesort of poster), anyone know what they have plan there?
  • This is not Kalamazoo Gateway. Kalamazoo Gateway was to be at Kalamazoo between Cedar and Larch.
  • This project was pulled by Gene because had bad business dealing with “Printer Row”, which was going to prevent him from qualifying for EDC funding help.

    Gene does not seem to need the same help with the Ottawa and Butler Project. However, you might want to watch the changes he is asking to make in regards to the residential vs. commercial zoning. I am concerned that he may not get this one off the ground at this time time either.

    Do not be surprised if Mayor Bernero wins re-election he begins to push to have a New City Hall built on the 7-block site (economic stimulus project). It is not a far fetched idea, with the Eyde’s family connection growing ever closer to the current Mayor through Pat and Scott Gillespie.
  • First, I'd like to say welcome to the site, Q. You seem to have some considerable "inside knowledge," how do you know all this? (if you can say)

    I'm sad to hear that Kazoo gateway is dead, it that basically for-sure, at least from what you know?

    I love the idea of a new city hall and I think 7-block is a very good location, I hope to hear more on this.
  • Welcome to the site Q. Do you think that if City Hall is proposed for a new location, the current one would be converted to office? It seems that the added office space would make it harder for the Lenewee to come in.
  • Thank you,

    This is not the first time I have been here, but it has been some time since I wrote last.

    I will protect my sources as much as I can to keep the information coming. I will stop by and update with anything I do not see posted.

    I would not say the Gateway is dead, but your contact at the EDC was not as forthcoming as they could have been. I know divulging a developer’s economic situation can create a problem, but if I know about the financial issues resulting from “Printers Row” other do as well.

    A New City Hall has been a back burner issue for this administration, and probably for the Hollister administration. The big catch is money, but with Obama’s shovel ready projects this makes the project an interesting opportunity. Also on the drawing board for the Bernero staff is a combined police department and combined fire stations 7 and 3. All of these projects appear to have the dust brushed off of them at this time.

    I do not know that much about the Lenawee project since its début last summer. However, the State Senate could use/would like new or renovated office space. The current City Hall is attached to the House Building, which makes it conveniently located.
  • Welcome Q!

    I can understand any of the projects beyond MarketPlace getting put on hold...I just hope that ones like the Gateway are just on HOLD and not cancelled permanently.
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    Yep, the City Hall idea has been tossed around for many years, now. A big unspoken part about the issues with the police precincts has to do with a new city governmental complex. The council has even said that they are looking at combining courts, police, and a regional 911 location all into one building. I assume that there has to have been talk about also including a new city hall. I sure hope it wouldn't be at somewhere as isolated as 7 Block, which places it well out of reasonable walking distance from the core.


    It's my understanding that the issue with Gateway wasn't anything with Printers Row (which has turned out to be very successful, BTW) and the EDC. The EDC was very much behind Gateway, at least publically. Exactly what "bad business" are you talking about? I'd heard that a lot of this had to do with owners of the cab company.
  • Townsend had a partnership that did the Printer's Row project. That partnership dissolved - and it's rare that a business partnership (like a divorce) ends without some disputes (although I'm not sure exactly what those are in this case). Regardless of that, Gateway was a complex project to pull off from its announcement.

    Gateway faced a financing gap (cash + approved loans/investors + tax incentives were just shy of project cost) from the beginning (or at least pretty near to it, based on my conversations with the developer). That's common for an urban redevelopment project, and that scenario will only get worse with the credit markets in turmoil. Add to that working out a deal with the cab company and there are some big obstacles to getting Gateway done in the short term.

    Ottawa-Butler would be easier to get financed because it can be done in smaller, less expensive phases. So that's the type of project to face better odds of moving forward right now.
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