Whitehills Town Center

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This development is to be built on the land formerly occupied by Super 8 Cinemas & Drive-In:
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  • Interesting. I'm not sure of the location. Isn't this way up Saginaw on the way to its intersection with 69?
  • It's not quite that far up, maybe 1-2 miles down from I-69 on the north side of Saginaw. You don't remember where the Super 8 Cinema was?
  • So who is the target dmographic?
  • Did anybody else notice the lack of diversity in the pictures with the people in them? Any idea on a timeline?
  • This looks like something that belongs in Charleston, SC.
  • It seems just too far out in the middle of nowhere. Almost like previous outlet malls, except this one will have many vacant apartments to go along with vacant storefronts.
  • I think the target demographic is the same as previous Whitehills developments, upper-middle class to upper class people. I think this development is actually likely to be successful though. I've already heard of several other projects on this now barrren stretch of Saginaw, I think this area will continue to grow and fill in very fast over the next 5 years or so.
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    I'm also unsure about the location. It really does feel very far out there. If the cinema couldn't survive, this may only be slightly more successful. I would venture to guess we'll see a scaled back plan when all is said and done. It seems like a strange place for a town center, especially when you have Haslett not very far away. This seems very counterproductive, and the fact that the actual architecture may be a step-up as far as suburban development is concerned really doesn't change that fact.
  • I think you got the wrong idea about this area, it is developed to north, east and south of Saginaw, but Saginaw itself has remained stagnant. This is one of at least three or four significant projects slated for vacant and/or underused land on this stretch of Saginaw, And Whitehills itself backs up to this property. There is really no reason why this kind of development wouldn't work, and it is infinately better than a subdivision with half acre lots or a basic strip mall. Suburban development IS going to continue, lets not complain when a development like this comes about, I almost take it as a compromise.
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