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  • The first step should be to put a stop sign on N Homer St that requires local traffic to stop and yield to traffic exiting the freeway. This setup is all over metro Detroit.
  • That is kind of what I was trying to convey, a separate lane for local traffic on the right, and two north bound lanes for thru-traffic which could have a stop sign for off ramp traffic. That traffic would not cross into the local lane but turn right onto Saginaw from a lane next to the local lane. I have often thought how a huge traffic circle could be built but that would be very complected and expensive!
  • There is an artical in [pay] about redeveloping S. Martin Luther King Blvd., a long-range plan to make the area more attractive, and safer.
  • Heard from a little birdy that there is a proposal to reconfigure MLK between the freeway and Ionia Street. Not sure about too many of the details or how far along this is, but they are talking about getting rid of the boulevard. I'm not exactly sure how I feel this. I think the boulevard south of the river is overdone, particularly since the old drop forge and no longer exists and GM has a much smalle workforce in the immediate area than it used to. But the part north of the freeway seemed to make more sense to me since it feeds into the Capitol Loop. So it seems kind of backwards to me. Also, kind of curious if there are plans for the excess right-of-way this would create.

    Anyway, anyone else heard of this? Thoughts?
  • I have not heard of it and I'm not a huge fan of getting rid of the boulevard at first thought, I'd rather see it extended north to Saginaw/Oakland. They could potentially sell me on the idea of narrowing the street if it opens up some land for development and there's some assurances that it will be developed in way fitting to mark the western edge of downtown. I won't have any strong opinion on it until I see some kind of plan.
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