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  • I think that this developer would be open to ideas about this project. There are many parking lots in Lansing that have the best view of the river. I know this is the way Lansing was built, the rivers were the outback for dumping and industrial use behind the buildings and out of sight. In other words an afterthought. It would be a very good thing if new developments finally changed this attitude and turn towards the rivers.

  • Yeah, that is a good point. I guess the builders and planners have not picked up on it. Maybe when the BWL leaves their site on Pennsylvania and Hazel there could be some opportunity for building above the floodplain but still have river views.

  • This is a huge area, are they in the process of moving out? I noticed they seem to be cleaning up the pole-yard right next to the trail. There is a huge communications tower in the middle of that lot, seems like that would have to be moved before anything to be built there. Across the river, from the pole-yard, the "old Knapps Wearhouse" renovation seems to have finished the exterior. I understand the rusted panel "look" but in this case, I think it is rather ugly. They are still working on the interior.
    Over on S. Washington, I took a peek into some windows. There is some construction going on at the distillery but looks far from finished. The pottery next door looks close to finished and had newly thrown pots drying in the window. In the renovated storefront down the street, the Nailed Salon is going to take the whole new storefront. It looks pretty fancy, I don't think I will be in there often but I hope they do well. The mini-park in front of the BWL parking lot looks really nice and is a great improvement over the weed patch that was there before. I was a little sad to see how far "potential" Pablo's has to go. Inside the floor is still all dug up with the new drain pipes in trenches, there are some new brick arches and that is about it. They have also begun to pour the sidewalks around the substation, maybe they are close to finishing this project. When they do I hope to see a reduction in truck traffic on S. Washington Ave with the trucks using Townsend and Walnut to get to and from GM and 496 instead of Elm and Washington. They are starting to take a toll on the street surface.

  • Two light issues over here in REOtown. Ever since my first night in this apartment, I have had to be sure and close my blinds because the signal light on the communications tower at the end of Hazel Street strobed bright flashes into my front windows. Is was so bright that is was annoying and I really could not use my balcony at night. I would like to thank the owners of that tower[who ever they are!] for changing the signal light to one that is much less intensely bright and just blinks on and off instead of a flashing strobe. What a relief this is!
    Over at the substation, they have installed very bright lights on the tall poles inside of the walls illuminating the rigging inside. I was thinking that the whole idea for the wall was to hide the substation rigging not highlight it. Oh well, they don't ask me about these things!

  • Rezoning for the old Deluxe Inn site went before the Planning Board yesterday. This will allow for the construction the 5-story hotel and 2-story apartment building on the site. Guess we'll hear sometime this month if they recommended it for approval, but I assume they did as it wasn't controversial. This will now go through the city council approval process.

  • I am really hoping for a great "urban" design for this development. The hotels being built around town right now are so underwhelming.

  • I think a 5-story building will have a big presence at this site.....even with bad design. But I'm with you in hoping for something spectacular.

  • They are finishing up fixing the River Trail near GM. They have installed steel "seawalls" along the river bank where it had failed. Not the most attractive solution to the problem but might help the bank from collapsing again. I can not tell if they have installed a storm drain, heavy rain coming off GM's road there was what caused the erosion that undercut the river bank and trail, I hope they recognized this issue.
    They have started to paint the outside of new brewery, it looks good white, much better than the tan color, I hope they start working on the street front soon.
    Up at Barnes Ave and S Washington on one side an appointment only designer tile shop had opened, while across the street the owners of the former pool hall are using the parking lot to store trucks and ashfalt/road building equipment. It really is just a bunch of dirty old trucks and tar covered equipment that look really bad in the middle of a residental nieghborhood. I don't think this building and lot are zoned for this type of use. I used to go "seeclickfix" about this building and other issues but I was "trolled" by someone[I know! it's a site to report potholes] on that site which I found quite upsetting so I do not bring up issues there anymore.

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    I'm confused, is the old pool hall parking lot being use to stage construction equipment for the CSO work (sewer seperation) being done in the neigborhood this year, or just random trucks? Because one of those is tolerable and one of those isn't.

  • It seems to have nothing to do with the sewer project, I could be wrong. It looks more like one of those, driveway sealing operations where they cover the old black top with that smelly new asphalt coating. There are also old trailers and junk. It could be a great spot for a mid-size grocery or anything but what is there now.

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