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  • In this same area has anyone heard about the brewery being built in a former bank? It seems like they have been working on this for such a long time. At times it looks like they have stopped the project, then there is some activity then it stops again.

  • Just saw this yesterday, it is very exciting! I still wish "they" would do something with that vacant lot next to the hot tub place, and the incredibly ugly speedway station at the corner of Mich Ave and Clemens...

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    Looks like they brought the existing buildings down either today or yesterday. GC say the demolition company was able to save some historic limestone pieces, which were of particular importance to some local family.

    BTW, looked up the empty lot on the block to the west you were talking about rachetwrench. It appears it's actually three parcels owned by Spadafore Distributing. They have to have some connections to the city councilman who shares that name. Altogether, it's 0.461 acres of land, almost exactly the same size and shape as the parcels Provident Place is being built on (0.462 acres).

  • Thanks for the info Mich - here's to hoping that the current development along Michigan Ave leads to those parcels getting built up too!

  • I know what you mean. There aren't a whole bunch, but there are some parcels that still stick out for nothing having been done with them. The one not too far from this - three blocks west - that immediately sticks out is on the north side of the street just west of Horton. This one I remember being two old big houses as was typical along the street that they tore down 5-10 years ago. The owners had recently been using it to park old ambulances on or something. It has always been fairly well maintained (regularly mowed), but it was a really bad look to have it essentially used as a storage lot.

    Anyway, these two lots also add up to nearly the same size of these other ones. The two lots together are 0.416 acres. You can kind of see how the city divided this area in that these sites match up so closely in size, and it gives you an idea of the kind of scale of things that could be built. Apparently, the lots are owned by someone a block to the west, some LLC called "Rock Solid." Looking up the address, it appears they are associated with Edwar Zeineh, who is a big land owner in this part of the city. I believe the city had an issue with him when they were working on The Venue/East Town. He's not much of a developer, himself, more a speculator. So I assume he's waiting for a Gillespie to come along and buy those sites, too. lol

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    double post

  • Huh... I guess that somewhat explains why Gillespie is fine with tearing down old buildings next to vacant lots...

  • Work on this one kind of been stalled, but I went by today and it looks like they are back to building the foundation. I saw some retaining walls, but couldn't tell if they've already started pouring what I assume will be foundation footings. It's really hard to see the pit from Michigan.

  • Do people like the design of this? Looks pretty cheesy to me, like something you'd see at Eastwood. The scale will be nice and it will be good for the neighborhood. It's friendly enough, I guess. Is there a height restriction on Michigan Ave for mixed use? It seems like 5-6 story buildings might be more forward thinking given how well this neighborhood is doing.

  • It is a bit contrived but better than some of the other developments. They somewhat resemble the three-deckers out east.

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