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A forum for construction updates and news on the LCC University Center project.

For larger renderings and project info visit the Project Page


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    I had no idea it was only taken up a small portion of the southeast corner. That really leaves quite a room for the college to expand in the future. That's very smart of them seeing as how space is a premium in this relatively dense environment. I wouldn't be surprised to see some mid-rise towers in the universities future as it's definitely shooting for growth, that is, if they don't decide to move the whole campus to the West Campus which I always worry about in the back of my mind. lol

    BTW, who's the architect? The design is nice, but a little safe. I expected maybe something a bit more modern, as the current design looks like it may end up looking like a dated late-80's/early-90's take on Modernism.
  • I think it's DSA Architects. It actually appears to be quite tall for a two floor building, maybe even slightly over 50 ft. I think it will come in at almost the height of the glass block portion of the TLC Building. I think that LCC plans on adding most if not all new buildings to the downtown campus. They also plan on tearing down the photo center building on Schoolcraft, for possible future development. And as I said before, LCC plans on building another parking ramp on this site in the near future, probably before 2010, upon the completion of that they will tear down and rebuild their old ramp.
  • I did some research and found these larger renderings:





    DSA Architects (subsidiary of SHW Group) did do this. There are quite a few "DSA Architects" out there, but this one is out of suburban Detroit.
  • I looked on DSA's website but didn't find anything on the University Center, how did you find these?

    Also, for an update it looks like they are starting on the addition itself, they have the portion of the wall knocked out where the walkway will be and they have started some digging. I'm assuming they will begin foundation work soon, if they haven't already.
  • I went to their parent companies website, SHW Group, which is a direct link off of DSA's.
  • There is now a web cam looking towards the University Center: Live Web Cam
  • A picture of the site looking Northwest from the Captiol Ramp today: UniversityCenter.jpg
  • The crane and some steel is now onsite, so I would expect to this take shape pretty quickly this week and next week.
  • Yeah, cross your fingers for good weather. I guess as long as it's not raining I think crews will be out.
  • The foundation is complete, right? I thought construction crews only don't work in rain when they are doing the foundation. Is that right?
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