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  • After years of accidents at one intersection, I think they finally got the hint...

    The intersection of Holt and College Rd looks like it is adding a center left-hand turn lane. That intersection was a deathtrap during rush hour. I'm glad to see they are getting that taken care of.

  • I've actually never been at this intersection. Looking at a map, does College Road carry a lot of traffic? Seems like there is very little along the road. I imagine if you're trying to get north to say East Lansing you've just take the freeway or use Auerlius, but maybe College is quicker. I imagine Holt Road having access to the freeway means that road can get pretty busy over there. The further south I've ever been on College is just north of the 127 where you turn onto the eastern leg of Sandhill.

    Anyway, speaking about the eastern side of Holt, has anyone been by Willoughby Estates?

  • College Rd gets a fair amount of traffic, mainly because people hit pretty high speeds on it and it's a quick way to get to campus.

  • @MSUFTW Sure you mean Holt & College? There's been a signal there for years.

    I was by Willoughby Estates a month or two ago. There were some buildings that looked complete at the time and the quality looked good, it kind of caught me off guard at the time. Now that you mention it I'd like to make a point to go back by there again sometime soon.

  • @hood Yes, they've had a light there as long as I can remember, but they never have had a turn lane to go north or southbound on College. It really was just critical for anyone going east/west on Holt Rd.

  • @MSUFTW I think I just completely misread your post, I somehow got that you were talking about a traffic light.

  • Willoughby Estates looks close to being completed, I live near there and was by about a week ago. To me, the buildings like like the college-oriented ones in the E.L. Northern Tier, vinyl siding, etc.

    I see MSUFTW's point on the turn lane at Holt and College Rds. Holt Road is four lanes in that stretch, no middle turn lane.

  • Jared, can you add Mason to the title of this thread? Might as well through everything in the south metro onto this.

    Anyway, Dart Container is expanding yet again:

    MASON - Dart Container Corporation plans to build a new technical and innovation center at its Mason campus that will add 136 jobs in the area.

    The $40-million investment will help the food and beverage packaging manufacturer develop new products and designs, said President Jim Lammers. The company produces Solo and foam cups as well as plastic utensils and carryout containers.


    Site preparation on the two-story, 250,000-square-foot facility is underway and the project is expected to be complete by the end of 2018. The facility will be built on 38 acres of land adjacent to Dart Container's corporate headquarters off Hogsback Road between College Road and U.S. 127.

    They've always been a leader in their field, but I'm just surprised how they've taken it to the next level in the past decade or so.

  • Acquiring SOLO was a big deal for them, that's what's prompted most of this recent expansion. If they're smart they'll find their way into paper products in a big way or they'll fall victim to the environmental movement at some point. Disposable styrofoam and plastic products are only going to be viewed worse going forward. I'm really glad to see Dart expanding in the area though, that's a lot of jobs, some of which are very well paying.

  • I always liked seeing the Dart name and Mason address on boxes all those years I lived out in Mass.. I agree I would like to see them phase out the Styrofoam. Sorry, but again out east, many places have already stopped using Styrofoam, using paper and aluminum for take out. I have been surprised to see that here, recycling and using less plastic products are not big issues. In fact they recently passed a bill that would prohibit cites and towns from enacting one time use plastic bag restrictions. If they make it easy and good for business recycling just becomes part of everyday life. I recently saw a program about an artist who uses the plastic that has washed up on remote ocean islands to create art pieces. She had made this whole rainbow of every color of plastic disposable lighters that were found in bird nests out there. I was really disgusted by that. She noted that people could use paper and wooden matches that dissolve and disappear in the ocean. I am making that change myself. I also hate to think that some of those micro pills of Styrofoam out there in the middle of the ocean came from Mason.

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