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  • I have seen people with all their belongings walking up Waverly and Old Lansing Road where there is not even a sidewalk. It may be the least accessible area in Lansing. I would think that one of the area's empty school buildings could be converted for this purpose, in a less punishing locality.

  • Now that I see that picture I remember that building, and where it is now. It seems like the Causeway Inn was a Holiday Inn in the 90's. I stayed there once back then to attend my Grand Mother's 100th birthday. It doesn't really matter now! I wish they would take that sign down, it really looks bad!

  • Yes the Causeway Bay was called Holiday Inn South in the late 90's/early 2000's. We had a few work Christmas parties there.

  • Thank you for conforming my memories. It's nice to know I that I have not become a "dotard"!

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    Looks like the first housing options built at Whilloughby Estates are the 3-story "manor homes."

    Apparently, the carriage homes, town homes, and cottage homes will all be completed next year. It looks like they've completed a few of the carriage homes (the apartments above the garages) and started on some of the single-family cottage homes.

    Anyway, pretty good for suburban multi-family. The carriage homes leave a lot to be desired, but the manor homes look decent.

  • Looks pretty good. It looks like the black top contractor did pretty well, lots of parking!

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    As part of Delhi Township's master plan, Cedar Street between Auerlius and Holt - basically Holt's "downtown" - will be converted to three lanes from four, and will have bike lanes and street parking in an attempt to slow traffic and make the center more walkable. Construction starts next month.

    This is the section of street where the Gillespie Company will begin construction on Esker Square very soon. This is the 60 units above ground floor retail that will be built at the corner of Cedar and Bond.

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    Well, the county millage for the new criminal justice complex passed last night. I didn't vote for it, but it's done now. They've only done preliminary design work on it given they didn't know if this was going to pass, but with it passed, they will plan for a construction start in 2020 with a completion date by the end of 2021.

    It's planned to have around the same capacity - good to hear they aren't screaming for more beds - but will be designed for them to more easily monitor it. It will be located at the site of the current jail. The entire complex will include the jail, administrative offices for the sherriff's department, and the 55th District Court, which is currently in a seperate building on the site. Apparently, there is also talk of moving the Ingham County District Court out of the old Courthouse in the heart of Mason to this new complex, though the talks on that are preliminary. I guess the one part of this plan I do like is that the millage will allow for a $1 million to be put towards programs to keep folks out of jail.

    The LSJ article on this says the Sheriff made over 60 presentations to the public on the project to sell the millage. Have they ever publicly released preliminary renderings/site plans that I missed?

  • After quite a bit of delay, it looks like they started on Esker Square in Holt:

    You have been asking, and now it's finally official - construction on Esker Square is forging ahead!!!

    "'What I wish the residents of Delhi Township knew is how hard we’ve been working to try to get this off the ground,' said Scott Gillespie... 'We are still extremely excited and very proud of the efforts thus far and look forward to building something that all of the residents can be proud of.'"

    Learn more about where we are in the process of developing Esker Square, when we're planning on construction concluding, and our excitement for the outcome![0]=68.ARAiuvCBZvBE-XCQHhTAcTb0y2iqXlL_a9s-Lrn2gN7iyHDoXMxavw3457IkF6CsKyUuiGpaHw56te0PxNDkliqiTQdcjnSRKjvIsPqVSoXtMe-U15c9PIFL6ZWbJx6zH3OMNW172i0RCjWYjObEs14J3-KYzh8v703VQipSgnTprAhzKBA9KNSCKoiREEEPxGkx1VC2buKLZlOd9nf7-d0WmFBMhmG0PkW2mwah3iywPjTLd4SbayK7gifTGU68yeTCgZRw4JV9pKwsNAvCB5pC24S7qrrNhftd8rEa06-yb4ugvCnhnxCHplX_CQx34zdkF12rcIk7x_bkJ0QIB5NnIw&__tn__=-R
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