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    Nice! This is exactly the kind of stuff you want to see at the center of these townships.

    HOLT - Developer Scott Gillespie is planning to build two buildings with apartments and restaurant space on a large vacant lot downtown.

    The $12-million Esker Square project will be located on Cedar Street between Bond Avenue and Veterans Drive. Two 45,000-square-foot buildings will house 60 apartments and 28,000 square feet of retail space.

    "This will be the beginning of the transformation of the Cedar corridor to a downtown that Holt has never had before," said Howard Haas, executive director of the Delhi Township Downtown Development Authority, before a press conference on the development."

    Gillespie, of The Gillespie Co. plans to break ground on the project in the spring. The building is called Esker Square after the glacial formation that once cut through the township. An esker is a narrow ridge of gravel and sand deposited by a stream flowing underneath or within a glacier.

  • Wow we are not the only ones who know about eskers!

  • This rendering is either from the other end or from the back:

  • I like this design, and I hope that this building will be the first of more like it in Holt. I think Holt would benefit from a real village center feeling, now it feels like an extension of South Lansing. and Cedar Street.
    In that area, I have been wondering about the old huge Holiday Inn sign by the 96 overpass, who owns it and why is it still there? That thing is a real eyesore and there isn't even a Holiday Inn there anymore.

  • The "homeless hotel" has been in the news quite a bit since 2015. Here is an article from 2015; it's been in trouble because the owner hasn't paid taxes on it and won't fix it up. Worse yet, the owner lives in Singapore, so he's not too wise about what's going with his property manage locally:

    Lansing’s ‘homeless hotel’ a grassroots effort with big dreams

    It was an interesting concept, but without any support from local, state or federal sources, there is no way it could succeed.

  • Of course I did not live here for a long time, but I thought that Causeway Hotel now was the Holiday Inn at what use to called Long's Convention Center, not the Hotel Magneson behind Aldi. I worked at Oak Park Village [Autumn Ridge] back in the 70's it was brand new then and very nice. There was nine acres of grass to mow there!

  • It was my understanding that the homeless angels were operating and renovating out of the old Burkewood Inn on Lansing road. They had signs up and I recalled reading an article on the renovations...

    As far as I understand @gbinlansing you're correct on that. The homeless angels/Magneson Hotel were at the former Day's Inn.

  • The original Holiday Inn of South Lansing was at the site of the Magneson. I know this because when I was a pizza driver during college years (Late 70's) I was robbed at gunpoint there. The homeless motel is now at the Burke - a donor helped them purchase the operation, it will be curious how the Homeless Angels will maintain now that their founder has resigned.

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    Yeah, it's been awhile but not that long since it was still a Holiday Inn.

    Interesting new on the Homeless Angels. I had not heard that that issue had been resolved. It's a bit weird, though, to have the solution be so far (relatively) out-of-the-way on Lansing Road. That's not an easily accessible area for any kind of walk-up business, or give those living there any kind of places to walk to. More than that, it's not even on a bus line. Weird. I guess the organization couldn't be choosers, though, since it's not like people were knocking down their doors to house their operation.

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