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  • The building[pool hall] at W. Barnes Ave. and S. Washington Ave. that is being cleaned out now has a sold sign covering the for sale sign they just put up. I hope it is not going to be a self storage business!
  • It looks like the old pool hall is going to end up a used appliance store, according to the info I'm hearing. Should fit in well with the tenant mix. Better than an empty building.

  • I'm just glad to see it staying occupied for now, although a used appliance store isn't exactly desirable. But as you said, it's better than an empty building.

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    A "used appliance" store! I guess if you put the word vintage, in place of used, it sounds better. It is better than a empty rotting out building. It would be cool if it were one of those places that restores old "vintage" stoves and fridgs. to modern usable appliances.

  • Thanks for the details Quakerrocker. The used appliance store isn't too far off from what Discount Dave's used to sell just down the street. I wonder if there is some connection.

  • I found the REOtown page again, so I'll update here. The building on the south side of Elm and S. Washington which has the newly paved parking lot has been painted bright white with red trim. Does anyone know what might be going in there? I am hoping for a corner store, and hope it is not a pot shop! The renovation of the buildings across the street into a brew/distillery pub? has begun. It will be so nice to see all those store fronts filled, the coffee shop seems to be doing very well, as does the record store. No repairs yet on the river trail but lots of turtles of all sizes can be seen there. The substation site construction has not begun,but they did take the black mourning cloth down from the fencing. I am sure glad they got all those trees taken down right away, what an eye sore they were. :}

  • Blue Owl looks great and the coffee is good. Nice to see that strip slowly coming along!

  • Happy to report that the old gas station/ Ken's Carburetor (South corner at Elm) is being renovated and will house a Mexican restaurant by the end of the year.

  • Thank you I was wondering what was going in there. There are no permits posted. I think a restaurant will do well there, and be a good addition to the neighborhood.
    Up Elm Street the new "tiny house" is looking good, they replaced the sidewalk and drive with new cement, and put up wooden siding [kind of like thick pine board?] in the front, and landscaping so it looks more like a home and less like a shipping crate.

  • I'm glad to hear something is going in that old gas station finally, it's a neat old building.

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