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  • I'm not sure but I think they put that facade up during the 70's barn wood craze. You can see some nice brick work around the overhead door area. I could see a green grocer and other grocery food vendors at the front, to provide a colorful entry. Then the antique and crafts type vendors in the middle and hot food and maybe a beer garden towards the back so people would have to walk through the whole place to get to the hot food and beer. They should look at everything they did at the City Market and NOT do that.

  • The LSJ has an article today about the revitalization of REO Town. It's good to see it finally taking off after fits-and-starts for years. I'll have to check it out more. I like that the comeback is largely organic, similar to what took place in Northtown/Old Town Lansing. I think something missing from both districts are a small hotel, and I'd like to see more infill housing to support the businesses, but these are smaller concerns for me.

  • This is the third summer I have lived in REOtown and I have noticed the changes in the neighborhood in that short time. It has been very interesting to see. When I first moved here a friend visiting my building was afraid to leave his car parked on S. Washington in front of my building in the daytime! I think that a lot of local folks still have a negative impression of the neighborhood. But that seems to be changing too. I would like to see the homes off of S. Washington be restored, there are some really great old houses back there. I could see Grand Ave, Clear and Platt streets become a revitalized neighborhood sitting right next to the river and REOtown. Gentrification is an issue, but this area could be really nice.

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    Looks like the Deluxe Inn site has been sold, and there is a proposal to put up a 120 to 130-room Hilton-brand extended stay hotel on the site:

    I'll take it. I'd rather have them pushed for the mix-use usage of the site they wanted, but obviously there weren't any serious takers. We need downtown-area hotel space, and since this is across the freeway from the core I'm not going to complain about the lack of height. I like that the hotel is oriented to the corner. Apparently, three developers pitched plans for the site and all pitched hotels.

    If I had any wish it'd be for them to put the parking underground and perhaps save the back of the lot for a residential project or something.

  • I'm a bit confused by the orientation of the rendering. As far as I can tell, that rendering has nothing to do with the actual streets/layout of the development.

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    Yeah, I think they don't match, but I believe we're looking over Washington in this one. It appears the entrance structure we see on the left of the rendering is actually the "bottom" of the development closet to the river, but it's not rendered correctly.

    I guess we'll have to wait to see some better renderings.

    BTW, forgot to mention that Urban Systems is the developer. It's funny because they are one of the respondants to the city hall RFP, and I was complaining about how it'd be nice if they were looking for other great vacant sites to do projects on. lol Now, if they could put up the hotel they have planned for the city hall site at Malcom X and Washington? Well, I'd fully support that.

  • I know someone within Urban Systems- it's funny to start seeing their name on larger-scale projects now, and I'm glad for it. They're a group of 3 developing groups (my friend being one) that's focused on re-energizing the core of the city. Ultimately they want to create a walkable district that connects REO Town, Downtown, and REO Town.

    Interesting video here:

  • I think that this depicts the Malcolm X side with the glass structure along Washington. So it seems like the parking lot will be off of M.X. and the building will front all of the Washington Ave. space from the river up. If I am right I like that idea so when you walk up the Washington you are not crossing the entrance drive. A river side restaurant would be great too. I think Sir Pizza in Old Town is the only place that looks out on the river.
    I thought the fellows in the interview seemed very excited about Lansing, and future developments. Walk-able, connected, urban, I agree!

  • The LSJ real newspaper had a better depiction of the new hotel can someone post that one? Doing that is above my skill level!

  • Not a big deal, but it looks like the former detail shop on the corner of S Washington and Hazel has been rented. People were working in there and sign was down. I am wondering what might be going in there. I hope it is not a detail shop or used car lot. The place was only up for rent a few weeks, so people are looking for space in REOtown to open businesses.

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