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  • They are finishing the paint job, painting the trim, medallions and roof tiles red. It really looks great. I do hope they plan to "soften" the black top parking lot with maybe some landscaping.

  • Just found out that the restaurant will be the second 'Pablo's'. Yay!

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    The City Pulse is confirming this will be a full-service Pablo's:

    For a year and a half, Pablo Maldonado has been sitting on one of the worst kept secrets in town. The owner of Pablo’s Panaderia bought the historic Standard Oil “Red Crown” station, 1102 S. Washington Ave. in Lansing’s REO Town district, in December 2015 to be a second location for his Mexican restaurant concept. He’s managed to keep the project mostly under wraps, but last week the primer coat for a new exterior paint job on the building forced him to tip his hand.

    For some reason, it's still almost a full year from opening.

  • oh man, this is cool. He's probably doing a lot of work himself, or at least financing a lot of it, and so the long turnaround. Mr. Taco on MLK is taking forever too, but because Bill is doing pretty much all the work himself.

  • @MichMatters You doubted my source? JK :D

  • I live over here in REOtown and I am very happy to hear that local people will be opening a restaurant at the old service station. I think they already know what how to run a successful business and will be successful here as well. I really love the authentic food they offer and with a bar I am sure it will be great fun to go there. They have a ways to go if looking in the window is any judge. I glad it is not going to be a pot shop, we already have two.

  • If you happen to be over here in REOtown take a look at the new "small/affordable/simple" house on Elm Street it really has turned out to look very nice.

  • I really like the above photo, it creates the illusion of a tall sky scraper near by the three BWL stacks.

  • The fire last night was kind of scary. I wish Quality Dairy had valued this historic building more, it was already boarded up and had small trees growing on the roof. I wonder if it will be re-built or just knocked down. I think it was the last building in Lansing the was part of the REO factory complex.

  • Sad to see the fire - I saw the fire trucks whizzing past my house and wondered what I'd hear on the news. But, the warehouse had been so altered over the years, it'd largely lost whatever little architectural value it had. Apparently, REO used to store cars in the place.

    Anyway, glad to hear that mural wasn't damaged, and it's reported that only the front end of the building was damaged heavily with the rest having minor smoke damage. Hopefully, it can be salvaged. QD for whatever else they are known for, it's not known for being particularly good to its properties, and I'm being nice. Congrats for them cleaning up their HQs down the street and redoing their Michigan Ave store in East Lansing, but beyond that, they are pretty horrible at property upkeep and renovations. In a perfect world, they'd sell this building and someone could do something else more befitting its history.

    It's really a shame what they did to the building. If one didn't know any better, they'd have figured it was abandoned or at least mostly so, because QD had boarded up the windows a long time ago.

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