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  • That's pretty funny about the seagulls :)

    Yeah, I'd love to see this landfill become a park at some point. Maybe more of a low-maintenance park with rolling meadows and aggregate or mowed grass walking trails. There's a neat view of the downtown Lansing skyline from up there. .....It's been awhile since I've out there but I wonder if you might be able to see some additional skylines (still in the works) - Sparrow, Frandor, downtown EL, and Eastwood (+ credit union, Meiers area)?

    I'll have to check out the granger park that was mentioned earlier
  • You are right that would be a great view of the whole city from a park up there. I think you could even see the planes landing at the airport.

    What did the Grangers do with the land fill west of Lansing, by Portland I think? I remember it was huge in the 70's. Part of my job at Oak Park Village was to drive the collected trash out there, it was smelly and scary with giant machines that would surround my little dump truck to cover the load as it was dumped. I was always sweating bullets until I got out of there.
  • It's been a long time since I've been out there (maybe 10 years?), I can't find anything on it, I assume it's closed now.
  • Now that I look closer I found the Granger Generator on West Grand River by Wacousta Road. That was the place.
  • Hello! Very first post on here so here it goes...apologies in advance if I duplicate any info.

    I live in the Eastwood area and I noticed a few new developments that are in progress in that area.

    1: Out lot restaurant in front of Walmart will be Boston's Restaurant and Sports Bar. My brother lived in Texas for a time and loved this place so here's hoping it lives up to what it's supposed to be. I checked out their menu and it looks like they a pretty full spread. Seems to be an upscale sports bar so I'm assuming something like Champps on the other side of Eastwood. http://www.bostons.com/

    2: At one time there was a Hilton Homewood Suites planned for the corner of Towne Centre and Showtime Blvd., kiddy corner to Tony Sacco's. Reading the Lansing Township Planning Commission Minutes from March 16th, it now appears that not only a Hilton Homewood Suites is to be built, but also an Aloft Hotel and an another un-named restaurant will all be included in the development of the northwest corner of Eastwood. Seems as though a lot of hotel development is being poured into Eastwood. Here's hoping that the demand is there for it. http://lansingtwpmi.minutesondemand.com/

    3: A while back it was reported that Dave and Buster's was considering an Eastwood location. I apologize if that's duplicated info that was previously reported on this thread, but was wondering if anyone had heard of those plans actually materializing or just being another "rumor"?

    Love the information that's shared on this site, and look forward to reading all the information that's shared in the future. Thanks to Jared for accepting my request to become a member.
  • Welcome to the site drobinson! I thought I heard that Dave and Buster's canceled their plans for Eastwood saying that it didn't have high enough traffic but I can't find any reference to that online.
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    Welcome, drobinson.

    I'd never thought to check the township website to see if they had their recorded minutes easily available, and there they are right there. The meeting your talking about also shares that both hotels will be seven stories. This will be A LOT of hotel rooms in the area. I'm a bit confused. It says the northeast corner of Showtime and Towne Center for the Aloft, but isn't that where The Heights is?

    What I also found interesting about this plan from the conversation shown in the minutes is that taller buildings at Eastwood was only really allowed near the freeway, but this changes the master plan to allow for denser development throughout the district.
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    Welcome to town!

    While I am not a big fan of Eastwood, I do like Culver's so I go out that way once in a while. My thought about the new hotels is why are they planned for the backside of the property. It would look better to have a line of buildings along the road. It really is a more urban area in that it is right next to Old Town, Downtown and Frandor even Downtown East Lansing. So why not a less sub-urban design? Crazy talk I know. I have also noticed that on a warm windy day you can definitely smell the landfill and the air is full of dust from the concrete plants at the rotary. Now they are going to build two more hotels right next to these facilities? It would seem like almost anyplace in the whole area would be a better place to build two new hotels. How about downtown Lansing? No cement plants or landfills I guess.
  • So we're hosting a workshop for high school Physics teachers at LCC - about twenty are driving in from across the state, staying for three weeks. You don't care about that, but the organization that got the grant put them all up in the Hyatt Place in Eastwood. And the instructors I talked to today we're really excited about staying there, cinema right outside their front door, bars they can walk to. At first I thought "too bad they didn't put them in the Radisson, they could have walked to LCC". But truthfully - being in Eastwood probably gives them a lot more they can walk to, in the evenings, after the workshops, that they would get if they were downtown. Which is, perhaps, sad but true.
  • Eastwood has far more shopping than downtown and has more large chain restaurants, but I don't know of any real bars in Eastwood, or anything resembling nightlife. Not that downtown is bustling after dark but it certainly has more to do late than Eastwood. There's pluses and minuses to each location but downtown has much more to offer in my opinion, Eastwood's only significant advantage is in shopping. Downtown has plenty of eateries, museums, the River Trail (which can take you to Old Town, REO Town, Potter Park, MSU, etc...), the Lugnuts and over the course of three weeks you're almost certain to catch a few events of some kind.
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