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  • Nice I didn't know that. Yeah, it will take a long time before the pre-1994 stations have been cleaned up.
  • Do the gas stations have to pay a fee to the state when they bury a tank? I wonder if some of the money for the brownfield payment comes from the gas station owner. What I hope would happen is: 1. Company proposes to build a gas station 2. Company…
  • They should put a stop sign for traffic on Homer Street at the US-127 exit like what is common in the Detroit area for service roads.
  • And Mark Meadows was quoted by ELi as saying he will have his own personal moratorium, effectively announcing No votes before he can consider the actual proposal.
  • Well, that's what I get for skimming the article lol. Yeah, it is costly, but maybe they are just doing the bare minimum legally to keep the case alive?
  • Well I assume they're not paying rent during this time so at least that money can go towards the lawyers lol.
  • They most likely skipped the DDA to save face since they knew it would get rejected by them. This is really frustrating.
  • When it first opened it was cool to live there because they had so many amenities that other apartments didn't offer and many people had friends that lived out there too. I don't know if the quality of the amenities has kept up and the newer buildin…
  • It just bothers me that the city didn't care to prevent the expansion north of Lake Lansing but is very worried about those units becoming vacant. It would have been so much more productive if the developments were built in better locations such tha…
  • Wow was it literally saying "the dam is bursting"?
  • I can't help but think there's something else behind this. Maybe a developer is about to propose something for the lot behind Peanut Barrel and the city wants to keep using it as a parking lot. So this is their negotiation tactic to block anything f…
  • Wow that is amazing research work there! Do you have a way to get notified of new clearances or do you just occasionally to check that site?
  • Wow looks great! I've never been there, I need to put it on my todo list
  • If the city had demolished them at the beginning I think they'd be in a worse position. The city bought those properties at the beginning of the recession and overpaid. It would have been hard to sell the land at that time for those two reasons. In …
    in Park Place Comment by Jared May 17
  • It's amazing that Royal/Vlahakis is getting such a deal on this already. Basically they already "own" the site, with the city making the mortgage payments. In any other type of private development, the buyer would have to purchase the land or make a…
    in Park Place Comment by Jared May 16
  • Thanks again for posting this info. It would be nice if the city put in a stoplight at the exit of the parking lot on Larch. Even with it remaining one-way it will help to slow traffic as it is nearing Michigan Ave.
  • I was surprised, I guess because I had been assuming Barnard was going to be vacated and the whole area was going to be used for the development.
  • Well, ideally the parking lot wouldn't extend that far south period. The parking lot that is planned is oversized, and it will be like the edge of most Meijer parking lots that are empty save for a couple employee cars and people who use the parking…
  • The block was still livable if awkward. There's other parts of the city that are mixed industrial and residential. Now that the front yards will be a large parking lot it's going to be worse to live on the block.
  • It's why I've been so incessant this get back before council. It would solve so many development issues we complain about. Do you think there may be some intentional delays here as to why this hasn't been brought up sooner by the Planning De…