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  • I was at another board recently, and found out something that people have been noticing, lately. Apparently, apart from QD having sold their plastic molding operation, they've shut down/outsourced dairy, juice/cider, ice cream and wholesale grocery…
  • I imagine they are rotating solar panels that track the sun. But even in the case that they aren't, grass can grow in low light, though maybe not as quickly. In fact, sheep are often used to control vegetation around solar panels since they are so…
  • Speaking of new occupants, it looks like the old 7/11 at Grand River and Bogue finally opened in The Hub a few days ago: https://twitter.com/CityofEL/status/1228036599327477761 The city was being very tough with their zoning code, and the zoning…
  • The hardest part of public land sales is usually getting them on the ballot, and in this case that wasn't difficult at all. It's rare for voters to reject them. This is really as good as done, IMO.
  • Looks like we get a rendering of the 8-story version of this. This version would make quite the impact: I guess them releasing this is a signal that maybe they are leaning toward the taller version as opposed to the 5-story version.
  • Weird, CATA got back to me today and said the project has not been restarted, so they are also confused about why the FTA lists it as an active project. But with how the federal government is being run these days, it might just be an error on their…
  • Nice! Lansing is becoming quite a significant user of solar. The BWL has put up some massive fields over in Delta Township near the GM plant.
  • This week's #tbt: https://twitter.com/lansingmichigan/status/1227993506267967488 https://twitter.com/LansingPubServ/status/1228076440110948354
  • Additional rendering from the City Pulse: Not quite as polished as in the council agenda, but an improvement of the site nonetheless.
  • Well that was quick. LANSING – A revised brownfield plan for the Red Cedar project was resubmitted to the Michigan Economic Development Corp. this week after the original plan was withdrawn, project officials said Wednesday. "There (have) been …
  • Nice find. I'll have to look into this. But, there it is, right there on the Small Starts list.
  • A bit more detail. Looks like the state didn't like the focus on student housing, so the brownfield plan is being rewritten to make the developers eat the cost of developing the student housing, it sounds like: https://www.lansingcitypulse.com/stor…
  • Gillespie Group put out another rendering of this one, but I can't quite figure out where on the building this is? Is the roof going to be in use?
  • Love this one. lol https://twitter.com/Phil_Lewis_/status/1224728161994334208
  • 496 is probably exactly why they took it down. There really wasn't a need for it after they took out the main sorce of the traffic, the neighborhoods to the west. It always looked awkward on maps, anyway.
  • It was asked a few days ago about the status of the drain project. Well, this week's City Pulse had a public notice showing the Drain Commissioner bidding out the project. Bids are due February 24th, and they are bidding it as a one-contract proje…
  • The City Pulse has a story out on this. FRIDAY, Feb. 7 — Plans to redevelop the former Red Cedar Golf Course may have hit a financial roadblock after the Michigan Economic Development Corp. turned down funding for the project in its current for…
  • What in the world is going on? Read through the thread, although it doesn't clear up what has gone wrong. https://twitter.com/DaveAkerlyOnAir/status/1225883320405368844
  • https://twitter.com/LansingPubServ/status/1225539750121046022