New BWL power plant



  • There are a few articles on the project in this weeks City Pulse:

    Now they're cooking with gas

    Boilers and business

    Is that the train, ma?
  • I think this is great! Hope it doesn't cost me too much on my BWL bills lol. Decent looking and set back so that the GTW Depot looks like it belongs. I always hoped that something would be done with that building, so I'd say that this is about as good as one could hope for. Construction jobs, more bustling REO Town, saving the Depot, and greener power. Sounds good to me.
  • I really hope they save the old depot. Lansing has not had a great record of preserving it's past, so I really would like to see this suceed.
  • They are saving the old depot. I've seen some new windows installed on the front of it, they look to be testing the materials or how they fit/look or something.

    Anyone heard when construction is supposed to start?
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    The LSJ story on the groundbreaking: BWL power plant project under way in REO Town

    The City Pulse story on the groundbreaking: Breaking Ground

    New rendering:

    I love the new design of this. It's much better scaled to the area than the previous design and it seems to be much higher quality. It also looks as if they are designing this building with future reuse specifically in mind, doesn't it? BTW, I emailed the BWL to try to get some larger renderings, hopefully they respond.
  • The important thing to remember about this building is that it's also going to be an office building for BWL - so it's really a mixed use building from the get-go. They're moving their headquarters.
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    I saw the refined version on the news, today, and breathed a sigh of relief. I wasn't crazy about the original rendering, but thought it passable. In fact, the version they showed on the news looked even better than what is rendered above. All and all, I'm glad to see the Lansing BWL in keeping with their history of making their facilities look as good as they work. There aren't too many utilities in the nation, anymore, that put money into the external architecture of their facilities.

    BTW, I do remember reading in one thread that the renovation of the Ottawa Street Station inspired this design. While it is a mixed use building, the entire thing was designed so that it could be repurposed in the future.
  • Construction is now underway on the site. It looks like they're just building a utility vault of some sort right now.
  • That's great news. It's nice to see the project get off the ground :)
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    It seems that actual construction started (the driving of the piles), this week, according to the Lansing City Pulse, as opposed to the preliminary work we saw back in June. I'll have to get down there to see. Haven't been down that way in months.

    Anyone remember the architects and general contractors for the project? I think Clark Construction is involved.
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