New BWL power plant



  • The LSJ had an article on it today: Future BWL power plant under way in Lansing

    It will be really great when the construction goes above ground...
  • September 4, 2011:


  • Thanks for the pics MichMatters :)
  • Friends who live in Reotown are buying houses in the area for re-sale in the coming renaissance of S. Washington. St. Vinnie's fire? Look for a restaurant to bloom from that site. All of the BWL workers will need services.
  • There is a crane onsite now and vertical construction is beginning.

    There is also a webcam for the project now: REO Town Plant webcam
  • They're now pouring the first floor: Crews lay 2,600 tons of concrete at BWL
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    Some shots of the site, today:



    The station is looking amazing.
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    Whenever you get the time, try taking a walk down South Street that runs along the northern border of the property. It gives you an impression of just how massive this building is.

    BTW, not sure what this is, but it looks like a utility (pipe) bridge across the Grand just south of Elm Street. It's ugly, and while I'm unsure of the use, what I'm sure of is that they could have used the Elm Street bridge or the railroad bridge to the south to bring across whatever pipes they needed to bring across:


  • The LSJ has had good pieces on this project the past few days. One of the things I was surprised to find was that the height to the top of chimneys is only 160 feet, which becomes pretty apparent when you're taking the MLK bridge over the Grand and comparing it to the nearby Eckert State chimneys. I expect the building to and stacks to be quite a bit taller, but the structure already dwards the adjacent Riverpoint neighborhood.
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