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  • But honestly i don't like the renderings that were displayed. I think they are weak.
  • The renderings were certainly disappointing, I think/hope that most of those buildings are just placeholder designs. I'm trying to hold off on my opinion of the project until I see the final site plan and renderings. Just the fact that they're building a parking plinth over such a large area really makes this development special, I can't imagine they'll spend that much money to do something mediocre.
  • I hope that your are right on this hood. The renderings shown vs the examples displayed from the planning brochure they made are night and day. The planning brochure displayed examples from other cities.
  • Looks like the media missed this. Apparently, the city has finally sold the developers the land for this project for a total of $7,147,604 according to the city council packet from February 9th, though there is still some uncertainty over the purchase of the "Corner Parcel" at the southeast corner of Clippert and Michigan, and the "Supplemental Parcel" on Michigan at the northeastern corner.

    Some other interesting things skimming the agreement.

    - The full-service hotel can't be any shorter than 10-stories and have any less than 200 guestrooms.

    - The buldings fronting Michigan must be commercial and nature and include at least 2-stories.

    - A conference center of over 15,000 square feet is not permitted in the development. I'm sure this is a no-compete clause with the Kellogg Center and others.

    - The deal is written to thoroughly discourage businesses in the region from moving to the development, thus encouraging outside and new businesses.

    It appears that site work will start in November of this year, and the first things to begin construction will be the student housing on the southeastern part of the site, the townhomes, and the parking plinth all of which occur between January and June of next year.
  • That's great, thanks for posting this here since the media missed it.
  • From the LSJ (, the city will vote on Monday to sell part of the land to the developer, finally, and it fleshes out a bit more of what I was describing above. Apparently, the city will be selling 30 acres. In addition, the city will be keeping 22 acres in the floorplain on the river, and will hold back a 4.8 corner lot at Michigan and Clippert while it seeks a "medical user" to develop it. If the city can't attract a medical user, then the land will be eligble for sale to the developers. You can see that corner of the development in the northwest on the site plan:

  • It seems a little odd that the city is holding back a parcel here, and especially odd that they're holding out for a medical user in particular. I imagine there's already something specific in the works.
  • I remember way back at the beginning of this always hearing about a "medical user" which I thought was odd given what type of development this was being marketed as otherwise. It might be something as innocuous as a large medical arts building, or maybe it's a small company/corporate headquarters. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. It does appear to be one of the larger buildings of the development dependent upon how tall they want to make it.
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    I found the Application for the Montgomery Drain permit (pdf) and Hydrology Report in the Documents on File section of the City of Lansing's site. There's a lot of info in there and plenty of elevation maps, I'll try to highlight the things I noticed:

    -As expected, there will be a large pond with some wetlands along the Red Cedar River at the south end of the Renaissance development.

    -The northern half of Ranney Park will be converted in to treatment ponds/wetlands. I imagine this will be similar to whats on Wood Rd by Groespeck Golf Course.

    -Raingardens will be placed throughout Frandor's parking lots.

    -Raingardens will be placed in Michigan Ave's median.

    -Also I pulled a site plan from the hydrology report:
    It looks like the only changes to the project are to the student housing, and the main road along the south side of the project looks like it goes all the way from Clippert to Brody. It's somewhat surprising yet welcomed to see a road connection with MSU.

    These plans are marked 9/25/2015, I don't know if that's when they were submitted or if that date means something else.
  • After waiting a long time to hear more about this project it so very good to find things moving along toward reality. I am also hoping for some really impressive architectural design. So far it looks like at least there will lots of parking. I am hoping that top quality materials will be used for the facades. Of the new developments that have gone up many have metallic panels that are not that great to start with and I think will look pretty bad after a couple of winters. Like I said I will hope for the best not the least. The water and rain garden plans are so far the most interesting.
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