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  • Thanks for the info Mich!

    Re sneaking: probably not the best word choice, but essentially I think that if there was any serious public input, that parking lot would not be going back in. So, of course, "they" didn't try to get any serious public input on that matter, so there's no reason not to put the parking lot back in...

  • Thank you for the addresses I will do that, and you are right! Where are they parking now? Let's just keep those guys parking where they are now.

  • An update on this project, a bit scaled down now but likely to pass as it's included in the Supplemental Budget proposal that is on Snyder's desk now.


  • I just saw this in the state journal. Great news!!!

  • Yeah, this scaled down version no longer has the 300 spaces of parking or Walnut St entrance. The geothermal system is now in the way of some of the previously planned space for the underground center.

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    This is great news. I wasn't sure there was any room at all after the geothermal field project, but apparently, it's not as extensive as I thought.

  • This looks like a very good idea. I guess the entrance would have to be north or south of the pedestrian bridge, I think losing the parking is not so bad. There are so many parking spaces in that area. It might not be a bad idea to have some sort of off-site parking for buses where they could wait until they are needed and not be waiting parked on Walnut Street.
    The town I where I lived out east had tour buses lining and often idling on one of the main streets while waiting for tour groups to return. The town built a nice bus parking area next to restrooms and a nice little, shaded sitting area. I could see something like this in one of the many surface lots to the west of the Capitol.

  • Looks like the funding was approved yesterday by Snyder, although the project planners are getting less than they want:


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    Rachet, that's the same article Jared posted. :)

  • For some reason I haven't had the attention span to dig into this project (and these articles) but this does seem like a great idea and I look forward to seeing it happen. Anything that brings life to the west side of downtown is a good thing.

    It's funny, I think we mid-michiganders take the capital for granted (myself included). It's really a beautiful building. Just last night I passed through Lansing on 127 coming from the north. You can see the capital for a split second when passing Michigan Ave. It really distinguishes this city from any other in the state.

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