General Westside/Delta Township/Eaton County Development



  • I think it's been discussed here before, but does anyone know why all the open space around the Chrysler dealer across from Kohls and Kroger near Creyts is still undeveloped? The only thing I ever really remember changing on that whole lot the since '98 was when the fire dept burned down a house as a training exercise.
  • I got curious and looked it up. Apparently, it's owned by a company connected to the Eydes (Brookside Crossing, LLC) created in 1999. The company name would seem to imply commercial development, to me, and it's also zoned for commercial/retail.

    The only other thing I can find on the land is that the company sued the Eaton County Drain Commissioner back in 2005 because they didn't want to pay a special assesment for the adjacent drainage project on Carrier Creek. They lost the case.
  • At $200 million maybe that sort of town center is what they are planning. I also would like to see the mall redeveloped, it would be better than building more retail down the road while abandoning the mall little by little.
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