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Could have sworn we had a thread covering development in westside Lansing Township and Delta Township. Anyway, work will start on the former Days Inn site in Delta Township at Saginaw and 96 for the new 5-story, 122-room Hilton Garden Inn. Full construction is scheduled for February. This is the development that also includes a 3,700 square foot retail strip and stand-alone restaurant.


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    I was wondering if this project was going to happen, it's good to hear it will be moving forward. The west side really needs a hotel like this after losing the Sheraton.
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    I commute a few days a week from Lansing to Grand Rapids, and I've been impressed to see how quickly the new apartment/condo complex off Willow Hwy has been developing (Here is a link back from 2015 on the project)

    I'm curious to see how the area in between Delta and Grand Ledge sprawls in the upcoming years. Hopefully they'll start developing a bit more vertically rather than taking up massive retail footprints with less than impressive box stores and restaurant chains. We seriously don't need any more Cracker Barrels or Culvers. I was recently down in a suburb of Atlanta that had a new, outdoor city center/mall style development. It was kind of like Eastwood except had some density and walkability to it. West Lansing could really use something like this. If they don't it will continue to be a revolving door of bulldozing and building the exact same thing. You'd think the Saginaw corridor would learn...
  • Thanks for the update, I almost never make it out on that side of town anymore to see what's going on. It certainly will be interesting to watch how Delta Twp and Grand Ledge fill in, there's almost continuous development along Saginaw now between Grand Ledge and Lansing. At one time I remember reading that the property at the southwest corner of Creyts & Saginaw was being readied in the hopes of getting the site redeveloped as a lifestyle center, I thought that it may have even been the township paying for the site work but I'm not sure on that part. Anyways, that's the only rumbling I've ever heard of anything urban or mixed-use going up on the west side. Hopefully they wise up because as you pointed out, building mediocre buildings with a 20 or 30 year useful life then replacing with them with more of the same is not a good long term strategy.
  • AutoOwners will be using 1/3rd of the former LSJ printing plant for a training facility. The new owner of the building is requesting a tax break from Delta Township to help pay for some of the rehab work.

  • That sounds like a good use of this vacant property. I like the potential for future job growth. I hope it comes to fruition. If nothing else, the purchase of this building looks better than a for sale sign on it visible from the freeway. (Also, separately, looks like there is a category for Delta Township/Grand Ledge with 0 discussions in it. Would it be better to have this discussion in the Delta Twp category rather than Lansing?)

  • Thanks, I just fixed the category.

  • Does anyone know what's going on in the out-lot that's under construction at the Lansing Mall? I don't see any sign up saying what it's going to be, but it looks quite large.

  • Delta's development website lists a Panera Bread construction project at 5212 W. Saginaw, they must be building a stand-alone building on the site.

  • I noticed that a huge surface parking lot over on W. St Joe just past the tracks has been pulled up and it looks like something besides a parking lot is going in there. Anyone know about this site? Is it one of the former GM sites? It was a transit holding lot where even recently I have seen new vehicles stored for transit.

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    Probably talking about the former Leaseway Motorcar Transport site Lansing Township has been trying to development since 2012. - 2400 St Joseph Brownfield Plan - v4 - No Bond 3.pdf

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