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  • I read something about a delayed opening, I'm not sure if they stopped construction of the building itself as progress never seemed to stop completely. It looks virtually done now, fencing is up around the property and they're doing landscaping.
  • I drive by that several times a week, I'm guessing you're talking about the Amazon building. It is looking good though, I'm not sure I ever saw any exterior work come to a stop.

    In my experience, living by the GM LGR plant, they won't put much into their designs when it comes to aesthetics and landscaping. I wish GM were a better neighbor, especially when they're located in such a heavily traveled area of the city, by highly used highway exits.
  • It's not just GM by a long shot. Anything factory/industry/logistics-related have done the bare minimum in terms of design. I've accepted it. And, Delta Twp has pretty much that entire area zoned for where they want industrial use in the twp, so at least its tucked away save for the old residential areas tucked off the side streets.
  • @MichMatters, you're not at all wrong, that's fair. That's exactly what happens. At least the newer industrial follows the bare minimum and then just neglects it. Give the Amazon building 100 years and I'm sure it wont look any better. At least, like you said, all of those industrial use buildings are tucked away from residential areas. I think the problem with LGR is that it's just such an old site and they just maintain it to the bare minimum. In their defense, they did add some planted areas along MLK. I just wish they'd do more, but that's another topic, and one I think we've covered previously.
  • Thanks for the information, I have not been out that way in a while, so it was new to me. There were doing some major landscaping on the Mt. Hope side any way. Perhaps that ridge of hills was there before but I could hardly see the warehouse building behind them from the road.
    I also have a bit of a laugh when I drive by the tiny stick trees, they planted on Malcom X by LGR plant, they are still alive! It was always kind of "shocking" to go out the gate from cool greenery of Cooley Garden into the bright sunbaked parking lots and looking at the decaying administration building/billboard frame [it still pisses me off]. Yes, GM is not into landscaping.
  • Oh don't get me started on the former Oldsmobile HQ haha! It so sad to see the decay of a once grand building. Cooley Gardens is always a shock to leave with what surrounds it. I remember, on a be a tourist in your own town day, one of the volunteers said the peonies actually bloom about a month earlier there because the parking lots surrounding it cause a heat island effect. Cooley Gardens is such a nice, hidden gem. I'm off topic though so I'll leave it there since this is Delta and GL!
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    Anyone have an LSJ subscription who can read the article "Developer wants to build 300 apartments in Delta Township" published on March 30? I guess I could go dig through some township board agendas to get more detail, but the article may also have additional details not present in the agendas.

    Edit: Township board agenda says this will be at the southwest corner of Saginaw and Broadbent just west of all ofthe Marketplace development. They are requesting a rezoning and planned unit development (PUD) special land use permit to develop at that density. Looks like a farm is located here, currently, and they will be building around existing ponds and woodlands on the site.
  • A few noteworthy points:
    It would include the construction of "groupings of 2-unit to 6-unit apartment buildings with a mixture of 1-story and 2-story apartments with attached garages," according to township documents.

    It goes on to say it's a 76 acre site with 59 acres buildable, they expect costs to exceed $50 million and that they hope to break ground by next spring.
  • A year out? Perhaps the deal with the land is to let the farmer go through one more growing & harvesting season, because, otherwise, it doesn't make any sense to take that long from the rezoning. And the interesting thing is that reading the board agenda, it sounds like they are actually trying to expedite the rezoning & special land use permit.
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    Maybe he's just being pessimistic, here's the exact quote:
    "I would hope that certainly by next spring we would be in the ground, we'd be moving dirt," Knowles said.
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