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  • I guess it was the first on the west side! When I was a kid we really did not go up to N. Cedar very often, except to go to the Northside Drive-In Theater. The one on W. Saginaw had the original little white and red tile clad building with the Golden Arches and the sign that said Burgers 15cents, it was my own first McDonald's. Please post those Sully's photos here, I am not on "the facebook". Thanks

  • The LSJ posted a bunch here:

    I also attached a zip of the photos I could find. The first Sully's was on Waverly and Saginaw where Subway is today. In the mid-50s it was taken over by a new owner who built the drive-in that sat where Wendy's is today, next to Subway.

  • Thank again it is good to see these photos and confirm my memories. I like the one shot of W Saginaw when it was three lanes.

  • If anyone is planning to go out that way be sure to avoid St. Joe Hwy. there are so many huge potholes it is dangerous. Michigan Ave is better.

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    I was looking through Lansing Townships recent meetings, and noticed that their April 3 meeting that the owner of the Waverly Golf Course has started the rezoning process. They don't have packets like Lansing, so all you get is the short agenda description, but it looks like the plan is a rezoning from A Residential to PD Planned Development to allow for a mixed use development including retail, office and residential units. So this is the first official confirmation of Northern Capital Investments' intentions with the site, even though they've said this before.

    PD Planned Development in almost every city allows for more flexibility on a site, particularly allowing and encouraging more open space in exchange for greater densities on other parts of the site. It's a compromise of sorts. In other words, where A Residential would mandate a typical single-family home subdivision, PD Planned Development mandates the same overall density for the site as the base/original zoning, but allows it to be in different kinds of layouts (single family, duplex, rows, multi-family buildings, etc.). A great example of this is East Village on Saginaw in Lansing where you have single family homes, rowhomes and multi-family condo buildings on a site that's only zoned for duplexes.

  • @MichMatters did some further digging on Northern Capital's website and was able to find the conceptual plan. I've pasted the image below. Looks pretty broad. Quite a substantial amount of new development. Initially calling it Waverly Park.

  • wow this is a big one

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    They're going to want to rethink that name. It's already taken, and that neighborhood isn't very desireable.

    So Waverly Hill is leveled completely in this rendering, replaced by a senior center. Okay.

  • Not liking the layout, too much. I'd rather them maximize the area along Saginaw, more, or just leave that section park land. I was thinking they'd try to force the development more to one side of the park than the other. I guess I'm heartened that they are keeping a lot of the wetlands. That's really a must given how much the site drains west toward Waverly; putting in too much hardscape and those areas west of the road would totally be flooded out during heavy rains.

    Guess this is about as good as you're going to get in Lansing Township, though. I realize it's just a concept, but it honestly looks like everything else in the township (i.e. a site plan straight out of the 60's).

  • I surprised (but I guess not surprised) that there's absolutely no dedicated park within the whole area. I mean there's trails and stuff, but you'd think they'd put in a playground or something...

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