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  • I am sorry that I must report another tree rant. This one is really extra awful, the BWL made a utility cut on all the trees on the west side of Waverly Road next to the cemetery just by the Grand River bridge. That has really kind of desecrated the grounds of the cemetery and will change that view forever. Those trees arching over the road there have looked like that all my life, they provided the only shade and green over Waverly for miles. Perhaps they are going to widen the road there? At least that would seem like a good reason to cut down scores of trees that never caused the utilities any harm.

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    If you know it was BWL cutting them down, then it can't be street widening project. It's either part of their West Side Reinforcement Project (the power line project stretching from Erickson Station to the Willow Street Substation), or it's part of their 5-year tree trimming plan put in place after the disasterous ice storm some years back.

    I will write the BWL to see if they can provide a map of the exact route of the West Side Reinforcement Project, but I'd imagine that's what this is. From what I can find, this project is happening since they are shutting down Eckert, so they have to get the power from Erickson. The typical utility easment up the west side is around 50' in width.

  • I do not know if it was the BWL but there are lines on that side of the street. I thought the big power poles along Old Lansing Road going down to the Mt. Hope Highway were part of this project and that was the path going out to Canal Road. I think this is just part of the trim project which apparently has to press on regardless of the treehuggers. I was thinking that if it were a road project that would have been a better reason to cut all those trees. I know there was an ice storm but did any lines fall along that small area? I'm glad that the BWL is not in charge of Hartwick Pines. I think we can have trees and power lines, we have for over one hundred years. I also think that this trim project does not have to be absolute, and that they could spare some trees that are important to the aestedic of that neigborhood. I will write the BWL but it is too late for Waverly.

  • Any updates on this?

  • I think it would be a good idea to drive by and see what a mess it is.

  • Have they come out with any new and better depictions of the Waverly golf course development? The one I saw was not very detailed.

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    At their July 10th meeting the Lansing Township Board of Trustees finally voted to apply for a grant for the long-suffering Waverly Road non-motorized pathway project. They will be allow Delta Township to help them with the application. This has been years in the making, but I seem to remember this fell apart when Lansing pushed them too hard the last time they came up and they got offended and dropped the project. At their July 24th meeting they discussed the path is planned specifically between St. Joseph and Old Laning Road, and that the township has received positive feedback from the parties involved about the township's chances for securing the grant.

  • Whatever happened to the hotel plan for the old Best Western location? Google Street view from last fall shows a restaurant and maybe a gas station or something going in. Is a hotel replacement still in the works?

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    Are you talking about in Delta Township at Saginaw and I-96? The old Days Inn? If so, the hotel is mostly built out from what I could tell having been by there a few weeks ago. From the first thread on the first page of this thread:

    This is the development that also includes a 3,700 square foot retail strip and stand-alone restaurant.

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