Center City (Landmark & Newman Lofts)



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    Yeah, I'm not sure why ELi is so freaked out by the developer financing. Is it even realistic to get a the 125% financial insurance on the whole project that the EL city council wants?

  • It is a big change to see those buildings gone, but no matter what is going to be built the buildings they knocked down were not really exceptional having been renovated many times similar to the bank building up the street whatever charm, history, or original design they had has been gone for a long time. I was surprised to see the sidewalk entirely closed off, I am hoping once the demolition is done they re-open at least part of the sidewalk. That must be very difficult for the businesses that are still there.

  • True gbd, those were not exceptional buildings in the grand scheme of things, but as stated elsewhere they had some nice old architectural elements that aren't common in elsewhere in the commercial areas of East Lansing. I do wish they could have saved or repurposed the fancy archway of one of the buildings, and possibly at least part of the facade of the Thai Hut building.

  • In this area, if you see a building that needs protecting it is really up to you to get out and find support for protecting it. Those buildings had some nice features and were nearly antique, but they had no one advocating that they should be saved and restored. The delays over the years were not because there was a preservation effort trying to save those buildings. I never said the buildings had no value or beauty just that they were very much used and may have outlived their usefulness.

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    So, I thought I'd been by here more recently than this, but apparently, this project is moving along very quickly. Piles have already been driven for the foundation and it's going vertical as of last week. From East Lansing Buzz:

    December 21

    December 28

    January 11

    January 19

  • Glad to see progress, especially on the Albert St. side. Hopefully they'll be able to open the blocked lane of Albert sooner rather than later in the construction process!

  • I noticed that starting on the third floor they're building this the same way they did Skyvue. It's still weird to see them go up 9+ floors with what look like studs.

  • Well I hope that means they'll be building up as quickly as they did with Skyvue. I'm already tired of them having Albert completely blocked off!

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    Ratchet, East Lansing Buzz - the city site dedicated to keep folks informed about public infrastructure work related to this project - says that the street should be back open in "late June," at least the westbound lanes, anyway. So it looks like you may get your wish. ;) I know the businesses around there have been hurt pretty badly by this, even in a walkable community like East Lansing.

    BTW, this thing is coming along nicely. It's had a few delays, but they've never been more than a week and usually just a day or two depending on whether it was weather related or they found something unexpected underground they had to take care of. It can't take too long in any case, because they've signed agreements with Target, and Target doesn't have time to wait. In fact, it'll be open before the whole project is done.

  • Mich - great news! Glad to hear it!

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