Center City (Landmark & Newman Lofts)



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    The city has another twitter post out from the roof of The Residences on Ann Street Plaza showing some of the work done on this project as of Friday:

    Oh, and a few new (at least unobstructed) renderings from the facebook page for the project:

  • I like how the tall buildings are set back, that helps it fit into its space I think.

  • I will definitely be frequenting this Target when I find myself having to go to Target. Will probably even take the bus.

  • The Grand River building is now up to the 10th floor. The final two floors will be poured in the next month or so. Work on the Albert Avenue building is now at the 6th floor on the east side and the 5th floor on the west side.

    EastLansingBuzz posted an update along with some photos,

  • Another update. Just another floors on the west end and two on the east end for Landmark. Newman Lofts out back has been going slowly for some time. They are rushing Landmark to meet Target's deadline, so I guess it makes sense.

  • It seems so strange to me to have a such a large building with so little structural steel or concrete, but maybe I missed something in some of the updates.

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    Yes, this is all concrete; each floor is poured. The weird thing is the paneling for the walls, which makes this look different than a lot of constructions we're used to. They also used paneling for the walls for the construction SkyVue to the west.

    I've been curious about the advantages for this construction method, myself. Christman Company out of Lansing is managing construction, I believe, if anyone was wondering. I haven't written them about this, but I have about other things. They aren't nearly as response to public inquiry as they used to be from my personal experience. Maybe someone would have a better experience if they had any questions on this one. EastLansingBuzz has been pretty responsive, though.

  • This is a BIG building. It's gonna house a lot of people! Exciting.....

  • I was by this project the other day a noticed some the outside cladding is going up on some sections in the front. It is dark burnt orange "brick" colored panels that i.m.o. look good. It is a strong and deep color and red tones will look good in the sunshine. I also find the new construction methods interesting. The 1964 model building I live in was really built! Cement and steel-framed building with cinderblock brick and plaster walls. This provides for very quiet apartments. I wonder about this new method and how these module walls perform in terms of noise and privacy.

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    My understanding (and I could be wrong) regarding the use of paneling is that this stuff it currently being used because it's relatively cheap and easy to replace if it starts looking tired or needs repair.

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