Center City (Landmark & Newman Lofts)



  • Looks like their is a website for this one now. They are called "Newman Lofts," but I'm not sure if that is for the whole project or just the senior housing portion.

    This is quite the looker. I've always enjoyed the quality they've shown, but this is really nice.

  • It is really nice, I like how the tall part of the building is set back not looming over the street. I think that walking down G.R. will feel very similar to the way it was.

  • I think the senior housing portion got moved to the building closer to Valley Court Park.

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    Last I checked, the senior housing is still the five floors above the parking garage on Albert, and the market-rate is the section along Grand River.

  • Yeah, I was wrong. The most recent ELi article says that the senior housing is still on Albert Ave.

  • Looks like the Grand River building will be called Landmark on Grand River.

  • The cedar-colored (not sure if it will be real cedar) siding on the outside of the building looks beautiful. I wish they covered more of the building with it.

  • BTW, the brickwork is also very well done, none of that crapy brick veneer. This is applied masonry. From an EastLansingInfo post:

  • I'm very happy to see these drawings, they seem to be doing this right!

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    The Grand River Building (Landmark on Grand River) is really starting to show itself on the skyline:

    City of East Lansing

    BTW, someone familiar with construction, East Lansing Buzz speaks to "panels placement." The floors are obviously poured-in-place concrete, but what kind of panels are the walls? Are these metal panels in use like they were down at SkyVue? I am so not used to this type of construction and don't fully understand it relative to regular wall construction.

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