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  • I guess I'd missed this one, but in the update section of the city charter, it looks like an ordinance was adopted early last month that would require stormwater management plans for most new projects in the city.

    Stormwater Management Ordinance

    There are a few big exceptions. For instance, the requirement can be waived for parts of the city served by combined combined sewers, and projects that are one acre of less. It's funny, because we were just kind of talking about this in relation to the proposed redevelopment of the Deluxe Inn site and a few other projects. This ordinance would effect a project as it goes through the site approval project and would specifically be overseen by the city engineer's office.

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    Some updates for the week:

    • At the Board of Zoning Appeals, the variances (density, parking, and setback requirements) for the Allen Neighborhood Center were unanimously approved for their project to expand the center. This project would add 40 residential units to the existing property and renovated and expanded commercial space. I really liked seeing this as it was kind of a test to see how much a developer can get away from the parking requirements. Well, the Allen Neighborhood Center will get away with literally half of the parking required for a project like this, 80 parking spaces instead of 160.

    • For next Monday's council meetings, there is a lot of activity. First, the public hearing for brownfield plan for The Wing (735 Hazel) will be held, which means this will come back to council for final approval at the end of the month, which means they can start heavy construction before the year's out.

    • The council will be forwarding the brownfield request for 930 West Holmes (Michigan Self-Storage) to the Committee on Planning & Development for the setting of a public hearing. Looks like this process could be done by the first week or so of next month. This project will turn the building into a climate controlled self-storage facility, but will more interestingly rip up part of the parking lot for green space as we discussed, as well as improving public infrastructure (lighting, sidewalks, etc) in and around the site.

    • The sale of the Cooley-Haze House at 213 West Malcolm X is up this week. The city will get a meager $20,000, but the owner is promising to renovate it and reuse it as a retail salvaged materials shop with a demonstration space for those interested in renovating their own properties. He is also seeking to get it put on the National Register of Historic Places.

    • The Michigan Senate is requesting - and looks like they've gotten? - street parking be removed on Allegan between Walnut and Townsend, and then Townsend between Allegan and Washetnaw, for "security" purposes. Sounds to me like they just want to keep the public and protestors away. The last thing we need is less street parking in this area and more seperation from our government. I'd suggest anyone who doesn't like this idea to contact the city Traffic Office ( to suggest they go back on this. In fact, there were a whole lot of traffic control orders sent to notify council.

    • To be discussed in the other threads, but the vacation of Alliance Drive and part of Technology Boulevard for the new McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital, and the brownfield and special land use permit for Volaris Lansing (Waypoint Dunckel) are up for final approval.

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    The Wing may end up needing its own thread when it gets started given how big a project it is. We find out today that a supplier of Tesla is setting up shop in part of the old factory:

    LANSING — A Turkish auto parts supplier announced plans Friday to open its first U.S. operation in Lansing.

    Norm Fasteners, which supplies fasteners for Tesla’s new Model 3 as well as parts for John Deere and other customers, will open a distribution center in Lansing that will create between 15 to 20 jobs.

    Mention of The Wing

    Norm Fasteners is leasing approximately 20,000 square feet of warehouse space in The Wing at 735 East Hazel St. just south of Interstate 496. The manufacturer expects jobs at the facility to pay a minimum of $25 per hour, said Koray Gurbuz, America general manager of Norm Fasteners

    The Wing warehouse is owned by Urban Systems and is home to a boxing gym and a an artist's studio. The space is also slated to become home to loft apartment units.

    Also, this is finally happening down on the southwest side. I'd kind of forgotten about it; I love this.

  • The news about "The Wing" is very interesting. These guys are for real it would seem. I think the location will be challenging and I think that that is what the developers are looking for [as in people will want to live Here?!} and the fact this involved with Tesla gets extra !!!!!

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    It's done.

    Pro soccer in downtown Lansing gets go-ahead from City Council

    LANSING – City Council unanimously approved a deal Monday night to bring professional soccer to Lansing’s downtown baseball stadium beginning this spring.

    The licensing agreement with Lansing Soccer Club LLC — the same ownership and management as the Lansing Lugnuts’ minor league baseball team — is for five years, running through 2023.

    The team, Lansing Ignite, will play in USL League One (temporarily known as USL Division 3), a new league tied to the more-established USL and Major League Soccer. An announcement from the club is expected later this month.

    They don't get into the costs, so I'll have to read the actual agreement, but they say the costs could be around $200,000 a year, which actually doesn't seem like a whole lot. Oh, and the groundbreaking of Beacon Field Southwest:

  • Arcadia Smokehouse & Brewery in the old bank building on Michigan finally opened.

  • Looks like fun It's cool the kept the bank vault and the mid-century modern feel. I think that The Bank of Lansing built that building, many of their branch buildings were nicely designed.

  • I've already been to Arcadia a few times. The food is legit and I love that they're brewing on site. That east side neighborhood is coming together well. It's really getting attractive to prospective residents.

  • Construction has started on the new River Trail bridge for the section of the trail between the bridge on the south side of Potter Park and the T-intersection just west of Aurelius near Kruger's Lansing. The trail has been ripped out and the parking lot for Kruger's Landing has been closed in order for construction equipment and materials to be stored in there. I rode through and you can see some old bridge sections that have been removed as well as sections that look like new bridges to be installed. I'm glad to see this work finally happening. This section of trail is impassable for most of the early spring because of the annual floods in the area.

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    I'm confused. Are you saying they are elevating this part on a bridge, or is this simply replacing the existing bridges?

    The part east of Aurelius is underwater even more often than the area to the west. If they are elevating that section, too, that would be great.

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