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    I was asked by subterranean via private message to delete their account. I have marked the account as "banned" and decided not to delete their comments as the responses to the comments would become out of context.
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    Good. We do nothing but criticize the area, because we want to see it get better. The idea that we're a bunch of polly-annas? Well, he doesn't know the board.

    It looks like the city council's pressure on Logan Square has worked in what they wanted done with it: for it to be sold.

    Logan Square shopping center in south Lansing goes up for auction next month

    LANSING — A new owner might be in store for the mostly vacant Logan Square shopping center.

    An auction for the 277,082-square-foot property at 3222 South Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. will begin Nov. 13. and end Nov. 15. Bidding starts at $1,100,000. The property has an assessed value of $1,501,600,

    Logan Square is about 28% occupied, according to the auction listing. Tenants include a Dollar Tree, Great Giant Supermarket, Subway, H&R Block and hair and nail salons. The property is not foreclosed or bank-owned.

    I think the site needs to be demolished, parking lot and all, do a couple of lot splits, and then redevelop in a way that's more conducive to modern development and planning.

    Silverman said there's already been interest locally and regionally and that most interested buyers are considering bringing in their own tenants to the current space, instead of redeveloping the property altogether.

    “For the most part, I don’t see anyone bulldozing the property,” he said.

    Though that might be the better option, said Bob Trezise, the CEO and President of the Lansing Economic Area Partnership. He thinks a developer will need to start from scratch on the site in order to make it successful.

    "The configuration of the site is beyond repair," he said. "It needs to be torn down and completely redeveloped."

    I'm with Bob on this one. There is simply no way with that much parking and the buildings set THAT far back from the street that thing center can work. The site is nearly 28.5 acres of which only a 278,000 square feet is covered by actual structures. Think of the type of town center that could be built on this space. It boggles the mind. There is no other parcel that large anywhere in the city located along such a prominent street.

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    Oh, and the LSJ finally picked up on the story of the proposed annexation of some Delta Township land on the ballot in less than two weeks:

    Why does a businessman want Lansing to annex part of Delta Twp? What voters need to know

    LANSING — Voters will decide Nov. 6 whether to have the city of Lansing annex part of Delta Township.

    The issue got to the ballot via a petition filed by a Washtenaw County businessman who owns land in the area of Delta Township that would be annexed.

    The landowner, Craig DeVoogd, says he's struggled to rent out his Delta Township property and hopes regulations in Lansing will be more favorable. Specifically, DeVoogd says he has a medical marijuana facility lined up as a prospective tenant. Lansing allows medical marijuana businesses within its limits, but Delta Township prohibits them.

    Here's what you need to know.

    So now we get confirmation of what's spurring this. Though to be sure, with the amount of land being annexed, this could provide for way more than simply a medical marijuana facility. But what he has planned for his land at 4880 South Waverly will be quite a facility, indeed, not just a dispensary:

    The tenant is interested in operating a vertically-integrated facility that might include a safety compliance laboratory to test medical marijuana, a transport business to ship it and a dispensary to sell it, DeVoogd said.

    We also get a hint that folks still think the Form-Based Code proposal is still active:

    "There's more flexibility for zoning in Lansing," DeVoogd said, referencing the city's plans to adopt a form-based zoning code that is based more on the physical form of a building rather than land use.

  • Wow, that got super weird. Is that the same 'subterranean' that's on SSP?

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    I wonder what this is that the Gillespie Company is teasing:

    Get excited, something pretty sweet is coming to downtown Lansing! Stay tuned to see what’s on its way to S. Washington Sq. We know we can't wait!


    Why do hashtags bold in how things are formatted, here? Can this be changed?

  • Hey, sub--- Lansing is also home to some very nice pot shops, I suggest you find someone with a card to get you some and smoke it! You need to chill out! I grew up in Lansing [when it was racist] I lived elsewhere for thirty years and returned to my hometown to enjoy an affordable retirement in this beautiful city. It seems like you have no idea what Lansing is today in 2018, and I am here to tell you its not the place you describe, an idea of a place that you think you know for some reason are vulgarly defending. I only have to think for a moment to find a "nice middle-class neighborhood" on the east side of Lansing. It is right next to 127 and behind the Chevy dealership. That is only one "nice area"!. Is Lansing an "incestuous backwater" when we are looking at over 3 billion dollars in Greater Lansing developments, and it is home to over a half million people? Many folks here do not really like the designs of Mr. Gillespie's developments and say so without being nasty. Your use of these vulgarities indicates to me that you watch "FOXNEWS" and you are looking to light up and troll some folks that are only looking for positive change in our community. We are not looking for a debate over your false and uninformed views. Livable is in the eye of the beholder, we still have housing that low-income families can afford, that's livable! Guess what? many of those folks are Latin and African American Catholics who send their kids to the new Eastern/Pattengill school as well as Lansing CC. Your issues have no bases, in fact, my friend.

  • @MichMatters do you know the address of those pictures? I'm curious to see what direction along Washington Sq that Gillespie Group is investing.

    The hashtag-bolding is the result of using markdown for the comments which allows formatting using plaintext characters. I'm not sure how to choose one or the other, on this site most people don't do much text formatting in the first place besides blockquotes and links.

  • They just posted the pictures. I imagine it has to be around their headquarters on the 30 block, though. I hope they get rid of that god-awful wood paneling, though. lol

  • So much to get rid of lol, the drop ceiling, wood paneling, salmon walls, and mismatched ceiling fan.

  • I'm not sure why they like to be coy about these announcements, I wish they would announce these projects when they are ready to start. I wonder what was in this place before, it did not look very nice.

    On my walk down to get some bagels this morning I noticed they have planted new trees on S.Washinton Sq.! It makes me really happy to see new trees being planted downtown. They look like a variety of oak tree.

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